5 Major Similarities Between The Hulk and Spider-Man

Hulk and Spider-Man are way different characters. Or are they? these characters have a lot more in common than you think. Here listed are the top five common facts about both the characters:

Colour Trouble

The original colours of both the characters were different than what we see today, the Hulk was supposed to be Grey in colour and the green came in because the Grey coloured ink, the right shade of it was not being manufactured that much and Spidey, well he had his blue and red spandex but more than that it was blackish blue and red.

Demonic interactions

mary jane spiderman peter parker

Both these characters have had their own share of demonic interactions, where Peter makes the deal with the devil, Mephisto to bring Aunt May back to life by trading off his marriage with MJ, Hulk, had a more embarrassing interaction where he’s made into a personal doll by the sister of Dormammu.

Lost Love Interests

Where Peter and Gwen’s story is no secret to the fans both comic and films have shown how he loses hi loved ones, while Hulk too has had his share of trouble, his love interest Betty Ross is poisoned by his arch enemy Abomination who gives her his radioactive blood that kills her slowly.

Triple Casting

There have been three actors that played the roles of Hulk, namely Mark Ruffalo, Edward Norton and the Australian actor, Eric and even for Spider-man too there have been three actors that have landed the roles to the big screen. Andrew Garfield, Toby Maguire and the best one yet, Tom Holland.

Science. Duh!


You knew this one was on top of our lists. Both Peter and Banner are total science geeks, one being a school topper and the other a class – A physicist. Not just that, both these heroes got their mutation from scientific experiments.

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