Wonder Woman Vs Superman: Who Will Win?

Wonder Woman vs Superman: Who will be the winner of this ultimate fight? Find out…

Finally, the most awaited Wonder Woman solo movie has been released. And there are reasons to be excited- Wonder Woman is the first female superhero to have a solo movie. A feat that has yet to be seen in rival Marvel Cinematic Universe despite fan urging. DC Extended Universe leads the way to promote female empowerment, although Wonder Woman is not lacking in power. The character has taken on the most powerful of villains and superheroes, many of whom are considered stronger than her. Or are they?

Fans have always argued about the merits and demerits of their favorite superheroes especially when it comes to an altercation between two favorites.

Since each character that resides in the comic world has something to offer or have proven their resilience or their strength in past stories, no character comes out the strongest.

Wonder Woman vs Superman

Gal Gadot was asked the age-old question of who would win in a fight between Superman and Wonder Woman in Warner Bros.’ WBTV Brazil. Gadot confidently said Wonder Woman would win while adding, “It would be a tight one, but yes.”

Wonder Woman vs Superman
Wonder Woman vs Superman

In the comics, the heroes have gone to battle against each other, with the two winning at separate occasions.

It may look like Superman, who is a literal alien, more powerful than any man on the planet would always reign supreme in a fight. But Wonder Woman has proven that strength is not the only thing to win a fight. Like Gadot said, Wonder Woman has won many fights against Superman basically because she is a better-trained fighter, who strategizes and has weapons from the Gods that help. But even without her weapons, she still has a huge advantage. What is an alien against a literal god?(Diana wears her bracelet so she never unleashes her massive power towards anyone).

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