New Hawkeye Set Photos Confirm The Show Is Set In 2025

Hawkeye Set Photos:

Marvel’s Phase 4 is exciting and it’s because of the fact that some of our favorite heroes are getting their spotlight now. This brings us to the Disney+ Hawkeye series. Starring Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye and Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop, we see that this time Hawkeye will be primarily based on the comics. We say this because earlier, the set pics that were put showed us Clint Barton, i.e., Hawkeye, wearing a hearing aid which is in the comics. Marvel usually has movies that are easy to trace back to their time period that they are set in but in Phase 3, that changed.


Hawkeye Set Photos Confirm Show Is Set In 2025

With a usual time of being set in 2018, Marvel took a jump from 2018 to 2023, with Spider-Man: Far From Home skipping to 2024z and now Disney+ Hawkeye series finally settling in 2025.

The set photos were seen on Twitter on the @JRennerNet account.


In the photo below, we see a banner in which we see the Chinese New Year 2025, on 29th January, the year of the snake.

This gives us a hint that we can finally know what all happened ever since the Endgame and how much Clint Barton has developed as a person. Last, we see him saying that he will retire from the superhero job and lead a normal life as he was ecstatic after reuniting with his family that was erased out of existence after Thanos snapped his fingers and turned half the universe into dust.

Hawkeye Set Photos Confirm Show Is Set In 2025

Set in 2025, we might even get to see the real cause of Clint Barton’s hearing problem, as we see him wearing a hearing aid and has been depicted exactly the same in the comics. After talking about retirement, and then again in action, a series of events are sure to unfold and the backstory will be really strong. We can guess that a lot of our other favorite superheroes will be mentioned every now and then. Seeing Clint Barton partnering up with Kate Bishop and going on an adventure in New York City will be all way exciting.

Hawkeye Set Photos Confirm Show Is Set In 2025

The time gap between Avengers: Endgame and Disney+ Hawkeye series will tell us more about the character’s development, maybe diving even deeper into Clint’s personal life and losses. If so, then we can expect a full-blown out emphasis on Clint’s past, maybe even before he joined the Avengers and if that happens, we’ll get to see how Clint Barton, played by Jeremy Renner, becomes what he is today – Hawkeye. Disney+ will be giving a lot of emphasis on Hawkeye’s origin which is honestly really exciting.

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