Why There Was Just 1 Winning Reality for Avengers out of 14 Million?

In Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Strange saw 14,000,605 alternative realities, but there was just 1 winning reality for Avengers. Doesn’t this seem kind of odd? It’s a probability ratio of 14 million to 1. But the question remains why was it just 1? In, so many realities Avengers lost every time. We’ve got a new theory that might answer this.

Doctor Strange saw 14 million realities
Doctor Strange saw 14 million realities!

Apparently, the Avengers won in just 1 future because they accepted their defeat initially. And with that, all other things fell exactly in line as they should have. There may be other realities, where the Avengers couldn’t get over their loss.

Avengers time heist
Avengers’ Time Heist

In some, they would’ve, but the rat didn’t rescue Scott Lang. In some of them, the time heist to get all the infinity stones wouldn’t have worked. In others, Tony Stark would’ve died before he could snap and take out Thanos and his army. But among all this, the most important thing was to learn from past mistakes.

Thor didn't go for the headThese corrected mistakes, for instance, were like, Thor straightaway went for the head after missing the 1st time. And, even Captain America did the same with every one of his attacks. He would’ve actually smashed Thanos’ head with the Mjolnir. But Thanos was vigilant and obviously very strong. Still, the biggest mistake of the Avengers was that they fought a divided battle.

Iron Man, Spider-man, FIGHTING ON TITAN
Fight on Titan
fight in wakanda
Fight in Wakanda

They stood up to Thanos on 2 different fronts. Iron Man, Spider-man, Doctor Strange & Guardians of the Galaxy fought valiantly on Titan. They might’ve won if Star-Lord didn’t lose his cool. Thor, Steve, Wanda & the other Avengers fought Thanos in Wakanda. They almost won it, but Thor didn’t go for the head and Thanos got enough time to snap.

endgame battle
A united front in Endgame battle

The next time they met Thanos,  they presented a united front. Thor, Steve & Tony went at Thanos altogether. When that still wasn’t enough, the Avengers unleashed their wrath! Doctor Strange & other Sorcerers allowed the Avengers to Assemble. We saw Steve Rogers getting Thor’s Hammer which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. Another would have been Thor getting some solid advice from his mother in the past. And Thanos got what he deserved as Tony Stark made the final move. So, the key to their future was their past.

I am Iron Man
I am Iron Man

It was poetic justice. But it happened because the Avengers learned from the past. And obviously other uncontrollable coincidences happened in the same reality. And, they had to give a fitting farewell to Iron Man as began the proceedings for MCU.

So, that’s why there was only 1 chance of winning against the 14 million possibilities.

Aditya Goel

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