DC Comics Have Answered Who Is Faster: The Flash Or Superman?

This has been the question that has teased DC fans for decades. The Flash has been termed as the Fastest Man alive but every time, an individual turns up proving to be faster than him. That is what motivates him to up his game and beat that individual. Well, the Flash has taken down many villains but the question that still remains unanswered is that will Flash be able to outrun the Kryptonian that we all love?

In the comics, the Flash has certainly won most of the time but his victories haven’t been as frequent and consecutive as you would think as the Man of Steel once almost bested Barry Allen in a race. Now in the rebirth storyline, has brought this topic up once again and they seem to have answered it as well. While the official answer to who among the Flash and Superman is faster keeps changing from time to time, it is Barry Allen who has mostly emerged victorious.

Even the recent Justice League movie teased this question, and while we did not yet get a specific answer in the movie, we were let to believe that the two were actually equaled at the time because Superman was shown to be as fast as the Flash, and probably even faster than the Flash. But we have to note that the Flash of the DC Films Universe is only taking baby steps forward with his speed while Superman has evolved in his time spent in the DCEU. The solo movie of the Flash will show a significant increase in his speed as he will improve, just like the CW Flash kept improving season after season.

The CW Flash had a lot of time to improve and he did take his time to really become the Fastest Man alive. Still, the show kept on finding another villain who was faster than the Flash. The movie version, on the other hand, would improve and increase his speed much faster as he does not have the cinematic time to show his development. Still, we did get to see a tease towards the very end of Justice League when Barry Allen and Superman did go for the fastest man contest circling the planet. We will probably get the answer to that later on but DC Comics has presented the most immediate answer to this big question.

Barry Allen and Wally West engaged in a high-speed chase that threatens to destroy the Earth in the latest edition of The Flash #49. Their hustle brings about shockwaves through The Speed Force that starts to affect the real world. In order to stop all this and prevent Amanda Waller and ARGUS from enacting a lethal sanction against them, the Teen Titans and the Justice League step in to halt the two Speedsters.

So as we all would expect, the Man of Steel tried to step into the action as he flew after the two speedsters, but to the big surprise for everyone, he returned to his allies and the ARGUS group out of breath and panting, having to take a moment to compose himself before he can speak. For the very first time, we got to see Sups in a mess with his face all flushed and sweaty and his hair disheveled as he mentioned that he was unable to get close enough to The Flashes for them to hear him and admits that he couldn’t catch up to them.

DC Comics Have Answered Who Is Faster: The Flash Or Superman?

This does solve the query that any DC fan or comic book fan may have had. Even in the DC Films Universe, the Flash would easily outrun Superman when he gets time to improve and develop himself. His solo movie which will begin the Flashpoint storyline will have him go through speeds that he has never run with because Time Travel can only be possible if the Flash runs so fast that he gets able to run through the Space-Time Continuum.

So there you have it, folks. It’s the Flash who is the winner and will get the chicken dinner (any PubG fans?). Both in the comic books and in the movies, Flash reigns supreme. Maybe next time Clark…..       

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