10 Marvel Superheroes Most Likely To Die In Avengers Infinity War

I guess I don’t have to tell you that the Avengers Infinity War Trailer is here. Thanos has come knocking on Earth’s Doors and to claim his rightful place as the greatest and fiercest evil the Avengers have ever faced, both in Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it won’t be a goody two shoes tale where the heroes defeat the alien army, repel back the invasion and have shawarma in the post credits.

The Infinity Gauntlet saga of the movies was especially brutal. The writers went to great lengths to ensure that the heroes who the fans thought indestructible and invincible up until then, would die a quick but brutal death. Marvel’s The Infinity Gauntlet was the first issue that truly made the revered heroes vulnerable, their deaths happened within seconds. No one came close to threatening the fans hope of the good guys succeeding look so bleak. It was a milestone in Comic Book History.

If the MCU could give us even half of that action in Infinity War, consider yourself lucky. But that’s not all. If the MCU decides to stick to the comic books, there will be death. A lot of Death. Blood of our own beloved heroes will be smeared across the universe.

The Winter Soldier

His death would mean the end of the fan favorite Falcon-Winter Soldier interaction. Man that was the one really funny moment in Civil War.But Bucky Barnes won’t likely bite the dust. Somebody needs to push the MCU after phase 3. The Winter Soldier is too valuable an asset. That is why he has the greatest odds of making it back.


Falcon made his official debut in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. His wings and guns may not be a match for Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet powers and the formidable Black Order. Falcon is one of Captain America’s staunchest allies. But his death will most likely happen in the Infinity War saga.

Iron Man

His odds of survival are definitely better than most. He is Tony Stark for crying out loud. But RDJ had reportedly been in talks with the Marvel Studios about letting go off the mantle of the Iron Man. Maybe after this movie Tony Stark is no more Iron Man. Maybe he is living the quiet billionaire life in the New York suburbs or….. he is dead.


The God of Mischief has chiseled his way out of almost every situation. All he needs is one single golden opportunity to wager safe passage out of life threatening scenarios. In the trailer, Loki can be seen offering up the Tesseract aka the Space gem to someone. Could it be Thanos? Will Loki outsmart the Mad Titan or will Thanos finally send Loki off to Valhalla.


Although his death is still unlikely to happen, It still will be a shocker if it does. Kevin Fiege has claimed there are “incredible things in store” for the Infinity War saga. The comics has shown Thanos claiming the life of Spiderman while fighting Thanos. The Trailer shows Spidey fighting Thanos head on in single combat. Does Peter Parker die at the hands of the Mad Titan like in the comics?


In the comics, Thor isn’t Thor Odinson when Thanos wields the Gauntlet. It’s Eric Masterson, another character from the comics, who wields the hammer and becomes the new God of Thunder. In the Infinity Gauntlet saga, Eric ends up being turned into Glass and then shattered into a million pieces by Thanos. If the MCU follows the comic book route, Thor’ life might be in danger.


In Avengers: Age of Ultron, we see a never before seen facet of Clint Barton aka Hawkeye’s life. He has a family – a wife and two children. Their existence is kept secret from the world but Thanos doesn’t belong to this world. Clint is wearing a new costume in the newly released posters. Does this makeover have anything to do with vengeance?

Vengeance is a path best left untried. Maybe Revenge is the reason that will kill Hawkeye in the movie.

Black Widow

Her death would make the feminists voice an uproar in unison. She is the first and only one of two female members of the Avengers. Natasha Romanoff is a badass assassin who has the honor of even tricking Loki, the God of Tricks, into revealing his plans in Avengers. But she is still the most human member of the group. And for all her skills, she will be pretty useless against a fight with Thanos.


The android superhero is at the most severe level of danger if the Trailers are to be believed. Vision has an infinity jem studded in his forehead. A stone that Thanos needs to complete his quest. A member of the Black Order, in the trailer, can be seen trying to rip the stone off Vision’s head. Without the Mind gem powering him, Vision is as good as dead.

Captain America

Avengers Infinity War

In the comics, Steve Rogers sacrifices his life while almost succeeding to grab the Gauntlet from Thanos. Thanos kills him mercilessly. Chris Evans has immortalized The Cap in the MCU. But for all his popularity, The Cap’s death is essential for his death will turn him into a Martyr. Maybe it will push the heroes to rally behind Cap’s sacrifice and stop Thanos once and for all. Peggy Carter will finally get that dance.

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