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The Peacemaker Finale Cameo Hints That Henry Cavill Could Continue As Superman

The first DC Extended Universe series Peacemaker just ended, giving us one of the best stories from the franchise. We got to take a deeper look at Peacemaker’s world along with an interesting transition in the character’s persona. The main narrative of the series was tied up around the end but there are interesting developments for the future of the franchise. While Christopher Smith will continue to see his father even after his death, we also saw the Justice League appear in one of the most awesome cameos from the franchise. The Peacemaker finale cameo of Justice League could mean that there is a lot more we can expect from Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel.


Peacemaker saw the team of characters coming together in order to take down the cow that was responsible for the food for the Butterflies. Earlier in the episode, Leota Adebayo tries to call her mother to send along the Justice League in order to do the mission. It made sense considering the team did not have any superhumans and some even lacked any experience at all. We also see Christopher Smith seeing his father while looking for one of his helmets in the woods. After going through some serious damage the team manages to kill the cow.


The mission causes some serious damage as Peacemaker even has a strong moment of realization while fighting one of the butterflies. Vigilante gives us another death scare by clearly falling down due to a wound but he walks right around the end. As they are walking away with injuries they are confronted by the Justice League who might have come to do their heroic deed. The heroes who appear include Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Superman. But Peacemaker ridicules them off by saying, “You’re late, you f**king d**kheads!”


What The Peacemaker Finale Cameo Could Mean

As Peacemaker is carrying Harcourt from the wreckage of the battle with the butterflies, we see the Justice League appear in front of them. The heroes are kept in shadows the entire time and we don’t get a clear look at them. But around the end, we see Jason Momoa show his face as Aquaman and Ezra Miller also showing his face as Barry Allen/Flash. Peacemaker brings up the popular joke about Aquaman having sex with fish and the hero himself responds to that rumor. This actually proves to give a much-deserved ending to the Aquaman joke that was referenced multiple times in the series.


Peacemaker finale cameo

But this cameo might give us some idea regarding the future of the franchise and the Justice League themselves. Both Ezra Miller’s Flash and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman have their solo ventures coming out later this year. But at the same time, the appearance also included Wonder Woman and Superman. The silhouette of both the characters resembles the Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill appearance. Henry Cavill not appearing in the movie could be due to some scheduling conflicts considering Gal Gadot didn’t appear either. This can’t mean that both of them are canceled from future appearances as Gadot is set to appear in Wonder Woman 3.


James Gunn Talks About The Cameo

In an interview with Variety, James Gunn was asked regarding the cameo in the finale. Upon being asked whether Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot were even asked for the cameo, he replied:

I don’t really think so. I really thought it was going to be just Jason. And Ezra was more like the extra thing because I found that he was interested in doing it.


He was also asked about the missing Justice League members that include Ben Affleck’s Batman and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg. The director stated,

You know, I don’t know what I can — there are reasons for it, but I’m actually uncertain whether I can say what those reasons are. It might have to do with future stuff.


Henry Cavill’s Future In DCEU

Peacemaker finale cameo

This could clearly indicate that the DCEU isn’t done with Henry Cavill’s Superman and we can expect to see more of him in the future. The actor himself has shown interest in taking on the role again in the future. Fans might remember something similar happen in Shazam when Superman had a cameo but his face was not shown in the movie. This was considered to be due to the DCEU’s change of plans with regard to the character. But two of the other members didn’t appear in the Peacemaker finale, Cyborg and Batman. We are well aware that both Ray Fisher has some issues with the DCEU and WarnerMedia. At the same time, Ben Affleck’s Batman has retired from the role so that would actually comply with his absence during this cameo.


Ben Affleck will give one final appearance in the role in the upcoming The Flash movie. There are major theories and rumors making rounds that the movie will actually see Michael Keaton taking on the mantle of Batman in the DCEU. But we can probably be a bit more hopeful about Henry Cavill’s Superman as there hasn’t been any clear reference about the status of the character in the DCEU. There are a lot of DCEU projects set to come out soon and Peacemaker might have proved some clarification regarding the status of the characters. Aquaman will be seen again when Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be released in theaters on December 16.

The Flash will be released in theaters worldwide on November 4.

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