7 Unbelievable Things Done by DC Superheroes

DC is a way darker comic universe when compared to Marvel, and there is a lot of bad stuff that took place when the superheroes went on an even darker trail, be it becoming dictators or killing former friends, DC has seen it all. Here are seven major instances where DC Superheroes committed terrible acts.

Terra’s Relationship

This has to be the best story of the Teen Titans ever, with Terra not only working for Deathstroke but also having a physical relationship with him. Using the information that he got from Terra, Deathstroke breaks the team. Not only that, it was also difficult to see Beast Boy devastated, who by the time had developed serious feelings for Terra.

Hal Jordan Becomes Parallax

This happens after Mongul destroys his home town, Coast City. This event leads to a whole new Green Lantern, or as he calls himself Parallax. He gives into the dark side and does a lot of bad stuff including killing his former friend, even Kilowog.

Superman Kills Joker and Rest

The boy scout nature of Superman is nothing new to the fans, but in Injustice: Gods Among Us, the Man Of Steel kills. He, when under the influence of a drug given to him by Joker, kills Lois Lane and his unborn child, that lead to the destruction of Metropolis, snaps. And that’s bad, he starts by killing Joker and then creates world peace by enforcing it and eventually has to be stopped by Batman who brings a Superman from an alternate universe.

Batman Betrays Justice League

Superheroes betrayed

Batman is known to be the one who’s prepared for all possibilities, this was the case in the arc, Justice League: Tower Of Babel, where the caped crusader had made all the contingency plans to stop every Justice League member, if they went rogue, these plans are stolen by Ra’s Al Ghul and used against the league. Though he’s stopped, the league now distrust the Bat, who even leaves the team for some time.

Flash’s Alternate Timelines

This has to be the biggest blunder of the Flash amongst his various fuck ups with the timeline. This was nothing but a young Barry Allen, feeling lonely one evening missing his mother, so he goes back in time, prevents her murder from happening which sends ripples across the timeline creating major changes. Changes like Bruce dying and his father becoming Batman, an all out war of the Amazons and the Atlanteans resulting in a global crisis.

Jason Todd Beheads Criminals

Jason Todd, after coming out of the Lazarus Pit after the Joker apparently killed him was a totally different person. He was no longer the same sidekick Boy Wonder, he’s new came and made a name for himself as the Red Hood. H used to handle the city’s crime in his own way, which also involved beheading criminals.

Batman burns criminals and Has Sex


In this arc, the Goddamn Batman a sociopath Batman kills a lot of goons, what’s the worst part of this kills is that he kills these criminals by brutally burning them alive, completely going against his code. But that’s not the end of it, after this, he has sex with the Black Canary just a few meters away from the burning and screaming men. Talk about having no control.

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