5 MYSTICAL Items From Doctor Strange You Need To Know

Doctor Strange will have a worldwide release in November 2016, and many will be quite clueless about what world they will be entering. Here are five items from Doctor Strange’s world that may give you an inkling of what to expect in the movie.

1) The Book Of Cagliostro


In the comics, the Book Of Cagliostro is used by Doctor Strange to travel in time. The book was used by Baron Mordo to fight the Ancient One in one of his grand schemes. The book contained sorcery spells and information, some of it being dark magic, so it was too powerful an item to fall into the wrong hands. It was written by another Marvel mystic called Cagliostro. Doctor Strange defeated Baron Mordo and kept the book in his Sanctum Sanctorum.

2) The Eye Of Agamotto


In the comics, the Eye of Agamotto is a physical representation of the power of wisdom. It has the power to dispel illusions, read minds, identify and track both physical and spectral beings, weaken evil creatures, look into the past and create time portals between dimensions.

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