5 MYSTICAL Items From Doctor Strange You Need To Know

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3) The Cloak Of Levitation


The Cloak of Levitation lives up to its name and gives Doctor Strange the power of flight. It is also very hard to damage as it has magical enchantments woven into its fabrics. It was gifted to the Doctor by The Ancient One and it is an important part of the hero’s costume. It has also saved the Doctor in times of battle, acting somewhat like a bulletproof shield.

4) The Staff Of Polar Power


The Staff of Polar Power is used by Doctor Strange and the cosmic being called the Living Tribunal to harness, channel and focus cosmic energy. It gets its name changed into The Staff Of The Living Tribunal in the film and is used by Baron Mordo in a training sequence with Doctor Strange.

5) The Time Gem

9zhgu Doctor Strange

The Time Gem has the power to control time itself. This power comes in the form of visions of possible or probable futures, time travel, control over aging and to trap others in time loops. The Time Gem gets transformed into the Time Stone in the movie version. A powerful stone which makes up the fifth part of the Infinity Stones.

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