Here’s What Disney Should Do To End Fox’s X-Men Universe: Deadpool vs X-Men

Recently, Deadpool 2 came out and surprised us all by being even better than the first Deadpool movie. The Super Duper Cut of the movie was even better than the theatrical cut. Now that we are done with this movie, it is time to focus upon the upcoming feature of Fox in the Superhero Genre, X-Men: Dark Phoenix. This movie is supposed to end Fox’s X-Men Universe due to the fact that that the Disney Fox merger is more or less a done deal and it will probably be official till July Next year, but until then Fox has to keep working as if nothing is official.

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Once things will be done and official, Disney has confirmed that they will still be releasing any of the Fox Movies which will still be under production of the post-production stage. This probably means that New Mutants will also hit the theatres no matter what. After New Mutants, Disney can actually intervene with Fox’s X-Men and they can use those X-Men characters in their own shared Universe. But before that, they need to make sure that they actually use a proper way to bring those characters into their own Universe.

Disney will have to do something very unique in this case as they will totally be looking to recast all the X-Men characters, but Deadpool will be the only character who won’t be prone to this recasting detail as Ryan Reynolds can surely not be replaced as the merc with a mouth. But Deadpool may actually be introduced in the MCU very late as Disney would surely like to cash in the success that his franchise is currently bringing. Fox has an X-Force movie under development, which was set up by Deadpool 2, so Disney could actually go ahead with that, but if they could actually put that on hold, and do something to actually brig Deadpool in the MCU, that would rather be better.

If Disney bring Deadpool into the MCU in his current state, then they will be admitting to the baggage of the X-Men also which comes with Deadpool, so to get rid of all that, they could actually do a Deadpool vs. X-Men movie where Deadpool actually kills all the X-Men in Fox’s shared Universe, and then he goes and becomes a part of the MCU, maybe through the Multiverse. 

Deadpool has a storyline in the comics where he actually ended the entire Marvel Universe by killing all the heroes, so he could do exactly that with Fox’s X-Men. The actors in the newly set up X-Men Franchise which opened with X-Men: Apocalypse have a 3 picture deal with Fox, so Disney could actually do them justice by doing this instead of paying them off for nothing and casting new actors for the MCU.

People actually care less about Fox’s X-Men now, so killing them off at the hands of Deadpool would actually be a crazy fun choice. It would be very unique for starters and no one could actually believe that a movie like this has been green lit. Disney has already confirmed the fact that they will continue to make movies like Deadpool in the R-Rated genre after the merger happens, so there could be a chance of this project getting Green lit.

They could focus on the X-Force later on, but they could actually end the X-Men by making them go up against Deadpool and his newly set up team which will become the real X-Force in the future. The story arc of that movie could be really interesting as Colossus will be a dilemma whether he sides with his old pals or his newly found bro, Deadpool. Also, it would be so fascinating to see Domino, Cable and Deadpool act as a team against a bunch of mutants who are actually much stronger than them. It will be a whole Civil War in Fox’s X-Men Universe. 

People may actually come to see this big R-Rated slugfest in the name of Deadpool. The entire world wants to see the X-Men join the MCU, so this may provide a very dark, but extremely funny way of doing that. This one movie could fulfil all contracts, give us some visually awesome battles, and a very unique way of ending the storyline of the X-Men which do not really interest people anymore.

Well, it is just a thought! Tell us in the comments if you find this interesting.  

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