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Somehow Loki is Much Weaker Than He Was in Phase 1

In the MCU, Loki has definitely marked his territory as a notorious villain. In recent news, the Disney+ series, Loki, is continuing to please us. And I say that with only two episodes in! The show’s second episode, “The Variant,” has certainly amped things up, and we love it. We finally got to see lady Loki, with possible doubts that she’s actually Sylvie/Enchantress. This variant of Loki has bombed the sacred timeline and the entire TVA is on their heels. But there’s something odd about Loki this time. He isn’t the same fighter that he was earlier. The series shows that Loki is much weaker than he was in Phase 1.

Disney+ Shows That Loki is Much Weaker Than Phase 1

In episode 2, while reading through the files, Loki discovers that there is zero variance activity during the naturally occurring catastrophes. Loki discovers how key global catastrophes are as a hiding place for the Variant, so they head to the Roxxcart superstore in 2050. This is where they finally encounter the “Evil Variant,” which soon is known to be Lady Loki. Loki makes it clear that she is using enchantment to possess other people. And she does that three times.

Loki is Much Weaker

But, the last imposing Roxxcart patron went for a more violent way than the previous two. He was all about strength. But one would think that Loki would be fine, right? No. He actually had a hard time and took a beating. It becomes clear that Loki is not the impressive combatant he was back at the end of Phase 1. The guy Loki was facing was big, no doubt. But he’s the God of Mischief and has infiltrated SHIELD all by himself. So it was always obvious that Loki can handle a handful of humans by himself. I mean, this lad invaded Earth and help destroy the entire New York, so.

Loki’s Strength Before & After Fighting Lady Loki

Loki Endured This!

Loki’s Frost Giant biology and Asgardian breeding should mean that he should be able to win such a fight. Even after getting beaten by the Hulk, he wasn’t as nearly dead. Thor: Ragnarok also offered a big reminder that Loki is a warrior of some standing. He joined Thor’s Revengers to escape Sakaar. Plus, time and again we have seen him use his abilities to win in tough situations.

The Avengers showed Loki to be a formidable fighter, even though he’s smaller than Thor, he was a pretty big pain for them. Plus, he threw away Iron Man-like tossing a ball of tissue paper into the bin. But he got knocked down by a random superstore shopper so easily, it’s almost as if he got betrayed by his powers. Plus, if you look closely, it’s like Loki is frustrated because he cannot do anything about it, maybe. Loki, the God of Mischief, is still a God and he deserves to be able to flex his proverbial muscles to their full potential.

Loki is Much Weaker

There is a chance that Loki couldn’t show his strength because he was fighting someone equally strong. Lady Loki used an enchantment to control others while being active in the field herself. Because this Variant of Loki has shown evidence for his strength in his recent past, it is possible that Lady Loki’s enchantment also granted her victims the same level of superhuman strength that she possesses. Even Hunter C-20 became quite strong when she was possessed. Lady Loki could be as strong as Variant L1130, if not stronger. That’s why he couldn’t fight back.

Marvel’s History Of Suppressing Powers

See, honestly, this isn’t the first time that it’s happening. We have seen many instances in the past where the character is shown as greater-than-all, and then suddenly they can’t even fight a battle for themselves. Some of them particularly stand out, such as Hulk, who refused to come out in front of Thanos’s Black Order. I mean, degrading a monster like that is straight-up disrespectful. Something same along the lines is done to Loki. He did not use even a single trick during his battle with Lady Loki’s pawn.

Next in mind is Vision. He amounted to a Robo-God with the MCU’s most fearsome power-set but ended up being a love-stricken old school dresser who could not save his life. The guy is literally embedded with the Mind Stone, is a lot more powerful than the others, but is pushed to the sideline. So far, Loki has shown the Trickster to be somewhat of a fool. Or maybe it could be a ruse by Loki himself to act all innocent and take over the TVA. And that could be the reason why he escaped with Lady Loki at the end of the second episode.

So what is it? Loki is much weaker or Lady Loki was much stronger? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Loki stars Tom Hiddleston as the God of Mischief, Owen Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravonna Lexus Renslayer, Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15, and Sophia Di Martino, Richard E. Grant, Sasha Lane, and Eugene Cordero in undisclosed roles. But the episodes are available on Disney+, with new ones coming every Wednesday.

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