No Way Home Nicely Settled The Infamous Spider-Man Web-Shooters Debate

The MCU has brought in their own versions of the character like Spider-Man and others. We got to witness some of the most exciting narratives for Spider-Man in the three movies for the character. No Way Home took things to a whole new level by bringing together the past two renditions of Spider-Man together using the multiverse. There are a lot of differences between each of the versions of the character and this was addressed in a very funny manner in the movie. This allowed to us actually allowed us to see how these characters were actually variants of each other. But the movie also managed to address one of the major debates regarding the character of Spider-Man in the movies. No Way Home was finally able to settle the massive Spider-Man web-shooters debate and it’s absolutely right!

Spider-Man Web-Shooters

Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man was the very first superhero narrative that led to the range of other superhero projects after that. Sam Raimi gave us an absolutely interesting take on the role with the three movies that also provided us with interesting villains. Spider-Man 2 is still considered one of the best Spider-Man movies and one of the best superhero movies. There was a lot that this character took from the comics but one thing was rather unique here compared to the other Spider-Man adaptations. Peter Parker did not have to make his web-shooters and instead, the web came from his wrist naturally. This actually led to a moment where the character loses his power for a while as that adds a certain depth to him.


Spider-Man Web-Shooters

Following this, we got the Amazing Spider-Man movies that took a rather different look into the character of Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Here we got to witness a rather modernistic take on the character and it also led to a different set of supervillains. But the movies were not able to bring up the character as good as the Sam Raimi take and they heavily invested in the Spider-Man fandom. Here particular attention was paid to the web-shooters as Peter Parker makes them by himself. The sequel actually sees him making updates on the web-shooters in order to fight against Electro.


Finally, we got to see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man who was introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War. Not much attention was given to his webbing means except for the fact that he also used web-shooters. This was also the first time in the three versions that we didn’t actually get an origin story for Spider-Man. We did get to see Stark mention that he has strong webbing and following that Peter mostly depended on Stark for the technology. We finally got to see Ned hand him web cartridges in No Way Home and that actually led to an interesting moment that ultimately settled the web-shooters debate.


No Way Home Settles The Debate

When Ned hands Peter the web cartridges, Tobey Maguire comes to find out about the other two of Spidey’s web-shooters. Then he reveals that he has organic webbing and this leads to an interesting conversation in the movie. But throughout this conversation, we can clearly see that Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield’s Peter are actually jealous of this and find it a lot more cool than their circumstance. It is fairly obvious based on this conversation that No Way Home went with Tobey Maguire’s Spidey’s organic webbing being the much cooler one.


Spider-Man Web-Shooters

This actually makes sense considering making the Spider-Man suit and also coming up with the web-shooters would require a certain amount of intelligence. At the same time, using web-shooters doesn’t really add much to the arc of these two Spider-Men. They would be nothing without those web-shooters and this reduces them to normal people. Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man having organic webbing does sound a bit bizarre but it is actually living up to his superhero persona. Peter Parker can lose the webbing in the case of Tobey considering he had to come to terms with who he wanted to be.


No Way Home definitely takes the high road regarding the web-shooters and it makes absolute sense.

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