No Way Home Reveals Why Doctor Strange Was Not In WandaVision

When Wanda was holding hundreds of people captive in Westview, many viewers raised the question- Where is Doctor Strange? And we think we have solved the mystery once and for all. After watching Spider-Man: No Way Home, we just had to put two and two together, and we did it. Keep up with us to understand Strange’s course of actions after the blip. Here’s why Doctor Strange was not in WandaVision.

By the end of 2016’s Doctor Strange, The Ancient One appointed Strange as her successor as the Sorcerer Supreme. He assumed this role with full responsibility in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok and 2018’s Infinity War. However, once he died (thanks to Thanos’ snap), his duties were automatically transferred to Wong. So, during the events of Endgame and Far From Home, Wong served as the Sorcerer Supreme, and not Strange.


But, if you remember, before Strange took on the mantle of the Sorcerer Supreme, The Ancient One appointed him as the master of the New York Sanctum, and the successor of Master Drumm. So, by the time we reached WandaVision, Strange was solely responsible for New York Sanctum.


The Master of any sanctum swears on his life to protect the Sanctum from any danger. And this oath entails with them never leaving the Sanctum, unless necessary. So, Strange can not wander off anywhere and any time he wants because he has a duty for the New York Sanctum. This is the reason why we won’t be seeing a more involved role of Strange in Phase 4. This has been quite clear since the start as we didn’t see him in any of the Phase 4 projects until Peter went to him for help.


Spider-Man: No Way Home

And this is the reason he didn’t run off to Westview to save the resident of the city. Things are so serious that he didn’t leave the bounds of the Sanctum until he had to chase Peter after he stole the Multiversal cube. Sending Peter and his friends chasing after the inter-universal intruders is further proof of his oath.

Why Doctor Strange Was Not In WandaVision

There is more evidence in the MCU that solidifies our beliefs. In 2018’s Infinity War, Strange appeared in a tracksuit, going out onto the streets of New York for a sandwich. But Wong had to stay behind because he can not leave the sanctum unguarded. Even when Tony and Peter (and the Cape of Levitation) chased Strange across the space, Wong stayed behind, knowing well enough the dangers that can befall our dimension if the Sanctums are unguarded.



In our world, NO! But in the MCU, many wizards have repeatedly stated that their oath as a Master of the Mystic Arts is far more complex. This raises the question- Then why did Strange interfere with Peter’s issues and not with Wanda? Being a neurosurgeon, Strange understood how a human mind works. He knew that Peter and Wanda both suffered a lot during the events of Infinity War and Endgame. As a fellow Avenger, he tried to help Peter so that he can move on with his life.


However, he didn’t go chasing after Wanda because of a geographical issue. This may seem a little bit of a stretch but bear with us. We know that distance is not an issue for the former Sorcerer Supreme. He didn’t go to help Wanda, even when she screwed up because he can’t interfere with anybody’s life until it concerns the safety of his dimension. As for Peter, he came for help. And Strange only interfered with his life because he had stripped open the multiverse. He even asked for his permission before he made everyone forget who he was because he respected boundaries.



Why Doctor Strange Was Not In WandaVision

If it took 8 multiversal intruders for him to come out of the four walls of the Sanctum, it hints at the level he screws up that he has to leave the Sanctum unguarded and visit Wanda for help. We know that Wanda is not living far away from anyone, so it would take a lot to scare Strange that he goes running off to her. And with all the updates that we get every day about the variants of the heroes we already know, Strange screwed up royally.


Hope this post stopped you from wondering about Strange’s whereabouts during Wandavision. He was just drinking tea, looking out from the Sanctum’s window. Comment what you think he was doing in the comments section below.

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