DC Comics Update: This New Hero Officially Confirmed To Be Stronger Than Superman!!!

He can move a truck. He can bench press a mountain. He can lift an entire city. He can pull an entire solar system from one place to another. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superman!! Superman is the zenith of superhero strength. This is the guy that made this ability popular. His muscular strength transcends that of the Gods. Superman could literally be called the God of Strength in Superhero fiction. No one can do what he does, isn’t it?? WRONG!!! Maybe in the past, there was no one who could challenge Superman to a brawn battle. But now, DC has introduced a new Superhero to their pages. This New Hero is officially confirmed to be stronger than Superman himself!!!

Spoiler Alert: The Following paragraphs contain Major Spoilers for Damage #3. If you still haven’t read I yet, we suggest you look away….

Dark Nights: Metal has introduced a whole new generation of Superheroes to the DC Comics Universe. After the events of the award-winning comic book arc came to an end, the aftermath led to the rise of never before seen, brand new warriors of justice enter the fray as full-fledged vigilantes. Leading this new wave of good guys is a superhero called Damage. It is this guy we are talking about here.

At first glance, Damage’s backstory sounds like it takes massive inspiration from The Incredible Hulk’s, but the variations to his fictional character biography are many and his origin is unique in its own way. Ethan Every was Private First Class in the United States Armed Forces. He was selected for an experimental Metahuman Super Soldier project. He was thus transformed into a massive monster fueled by pure rage and anger. But while Bruce Banner turns to Hulk anytime he is under threat, Every can only turn into Damage for one hour every day.

As a human being, Ethan Every doesn’t amount to much. He is an average looking fellow with average strength that is nothing to boast about. He has basic military training and his stamina and endurance are slightly above average. Nonetheless, it is nothing special. But as Damage, that is when the tables turn. Damage is a being of pure rage and a monster of immeasurable strength. But how strong could Damage be really?? As it turns out, very!! The third issue of Damage comic series reveals the fact that Damage is actually even more powerful than the Man of Steel.

The Damage comic series is taking an interesting turn of events. As Damage, Ethan Every has fought against an entire army and defeated them. Even Powered exoskeleton suit equipped soldiers are no match for him.  Suicide Squad XL, a team of super-powered villains on the Government payroll, tried to stop him and failed. Parasite, a being that thrives on absorbing the energy of other living beings, could not handle the overload caused within his body when he sucked in too much energy from Damage. Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Solomon Grundy were also mercilessly dispatched.

But Damage has also gone toe to toe with the DC Comics’ Heavyweights. Wonder Woman found it extremely hard to defeat this monster. For an hour, the two fought to a standstill. Damage was also revealed to be immune to the effects of Diana Prince’s Lasso of Truth.

Wonder Woman and Damage fight to such a bloody and brutal extent that it leaves massive amounts of collateral damage in its wake. The Fight leaves buildings in rubbles and the entire city is devastated. The only thing that stops Damage is his one-hour time limit. Maybe if Damage could have gone for a bit longer then perhaps even the Amazon princess would have fallen to his wrath.



Diana later reports back her encounter with Damage to the Justice League. She claims she has never faced someone with this level of strength before. To her statement, Superman surprisingly replies “Never?” Wonder Woman has locked horns with several Superheroes and Supervillains before, including Superman. If she could say Damage has a level of strength that exceeds all the Gods and Monsters she has fought in all her past encounters, we have to take her statement with heed. This is a clear indication to the fact that Superman is no longer the Strongest Man Alive. Damage is.

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