10 Despicable Acts of Harley Quinn to Make You Cringe in Horror

Despicable Acts of Harley Quinn:

The crazy town is where she lives. Harley Quinn is made of the same clay as the Joker. She may not look as dangerous as him but trust us, she is just as deadly. Her sense of humor and morality is so twisted it would give the greatest of serial killers a run for their money. In the DC Extended Universe, Harley Quinn has done some pretty questionable stuff. Her actions have made the fans ask whether she is even human. She only gets away by putting on a façade of a crazy lover of a crazy crime lord. But it is about time her fans knew how devilish and sadistic this woman can get. Don’t be fooled by her beauty. She is a beast on the inside.

 1. Participates in Child Murder

You think Harley Quinn is just an angel in devil’s clothing? You cannot be more wrong. What she did to Jason Todd can never be forgiven. In Batman: Death in the Family, Jason Todd tries to defeat the Joker by himself and gets captured. Over the course of days, the Joker straps Jason to a chair and beats the living hell out of him with a crowbar. God knows what else he has done to that guy. Aiding the Joker in this heinous act is Harley Quinn. She also partakes in inflicting pain on the minor. There is no question of wrongdoing here. She did it. She was not forced by the Joker to do it. She was an accomplice in killing a minor. Now that is a ticket straight to the deepest pits of hell.

 2. Almost betrayed her team

In Suicide Squad, the Joker is coming after Harley Quinn, hell-bent on taking her back from the clutches of Amanda Waller. Right before the climax of the movie, Harley Quinn has an option to go back to the Joker and escape via a Helicopter transport. She opts to let go of her ties with the Suicide Squad and betray her own teammates. While that may not be as bad, the fact that she betrayed her team right when they needed all hands on deck for the final mission to kill the bad guy, and had a lot of use for Harley Quinn and her close combat skills, speaks wonders about her. She has no allegiance to anyone. By turning her back on her own friends, she proved that she can stoop down to any level.

 3. Wantonly makes Joker kill a guy

In the movie, Harley Quinn and the Joker are seen together in a club. The joker intends to talk to a guy who has come to make some sort of deal with him. Harley Quinn purposefully starts dancing in a rather sensual manner that catches the attention of the other guy sitting right in front of the Joker. When he makes snide remarks at her, the Joker gets pissed and kills him off. Nobody lays eyes on her queen. Harley Quinn has been with the Joker for so long. She knows he is so over-protective about her. Then why did she do that? The more important question is – has Harley killed off men like this before??? And if yes, just how many have fallen to her charms?

 4. Brainwashed Robin

Harley Quinn’s past as a prominent psychiatrist came really handy in one story arc. Tim Drake, the next Robin after Jason Todd, feel onto the clutches of the Clown Couple. Harley played the role of the master manipulator, using her knowledge of the human psyche to deconstruct Tim Drake’s psyche and turn him against his allies. Tim Drake became the son of Joker and Harley, even starting to call Harley Quinn his “Mommy”. The state of Tim Drake struck a chord with Batman and Bat Girl. When Batman confronted Harley Quinn about her actions, she was audacious enough to defend it. She even went a step further and mocked Batman and Bat Girl’s feelings. She crossed a line and was not even sad about it for a little bit.

 5. Agreeing to be in a toxic relationship she knows is bad for her

There are two types of people – One who voice their opinion against injustice and one who stays quiet and move along with it. Harley Quinn, for all her amazing fighting skills and crazy attitude, belongs to the former. Her relationship with the Joker is very twisted. Joker uses her for the most menial of tasks and even abuses her sometimes. She is not allowed to talk to strange men without his permission. She is not allowed to go out anywhere without him. The sad part is – Harley Quinn knows that the Joker and Harley Quinn are a toxic relationship. She has the power to voice her opinion but every time she gets a chance, she decides against it.

 6. Killed little children with explosives

Despicable Acts of Harley Quinn

Still not convinced that Harley Quinn is a wolf in sheep’s clothing? This might change your mind. In Detective Comics Volume 2, Harley Quinn hatches up a cruel and inhuman scheme to get back at Batman. She buys a busload of explosives and rigs them into children’s videogames. Most of these games are sent for free to orphanages, where children are not lucky enough to even afford video games. As the happy children (some of whom would be too excited to play video games for the first time) switch on the TV and start playing, Harley Quinn climbs atop a tall building and looks at Gotham as serial explosions ensue. Yeas, Harley Quinn laughs as multiple children die in said explosions. Talk about diabolical!

 7. Has no professional integrity

As a doctor, you are not allowed to mingle with your patients. Maybe Harley Quinn skipped that class. When she was posted to Arkham Asylum as a Psychiatrist, one of her patients that she was responsible for diagnosing was none other than the Joker. But fate played a cruel game. The job was for Harley Quinn to cure the Joker of his madness. Instead, the Joker infected Harley Quinn with his. Harley Quinn was in so madly in love with the Joker that she even helped him escape from Arkham Asylum. She would even go in ride-along with him and do despicable criminal acts.

 8. Turned Kids into Killers

Despicable Acts of Harley Quinn

In the real world, using Child Soldiers is one of the greatest crimes against humanity. By using children as weapons, you are not only robbing those kids of their childhood but also turning them into killers. In an issue of Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn encounters a group of children who were held captive and being trained to become human weapons. But she did not free them. Instead, she put in some words of encouragement in their heads. Together, Harley Quinn and her child army swarmed the facility and killed a lot of guards before breaking out. Harley Quinn just turned a bunch of children into murderers!!

 9. No respect for the deceased

In Suicide Squad, after Slipknot tries to flee the scene, Rick Flagg uses a device that allows him to detonate a bomb placed within the spine of each squad member. Slipknot’s head literally explodes as the bomb goes off. The rest of the squad members look in horror at the beheaded corpse. Harley Quinn just laughs and says “Killer app!!” It is one thing to be crazy. It is another thing to use it as a mask to be disrespectful to the dead. Her remarks were uncalled for.

 10. Made Deadshot wear Joker’s face and then rape him

The Batman Matt Reeves

Harley Quinn is a highly troubled individual. After the events of Suicide Squad Volume 4 #06, Harley Quinn achieves a different level of insanity. In the next issue, Harley incapacitates the whole team and kidnaps Deadshot. She then makes Deadshot wear Joker’s face after strapping him to a chair. She pretends as if Deadshot is actually Joker. But the trouble for Deadshot does not stop there. You see Harley Quinn really believes that the man wearing Joker’s face is the love of her life, Mr. J. So she does the logical thing and has sex with him. Deadshot was raped by a crazy woman while strapped to a chair and completely helpless.

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