Reasons Why Voldermort is the Greatest Villain in the History of Fantasy Fiction

Voldermort is the greatest Villain:

HARRY POTTER! The sound alone is sufficient to send a person to cloud nine, with its extraordinary plots, enigmatic characters, and euphoric picturization. No matter how many times one watches or reads the series, every time they find themselves being completely dissolved in the wondrousness of Diagon Alley and the secrets and mischief of Hogwarts.

Over the years, people have watched Voldemort rise to power, and fall in front of love and heroism many times, thus making the hair on the back of our neck rise in ecstatic and euphoria. Although the fans can also agree to the fact that the reason behind their much greater agitation is none other than the most mysterious and dangerous villain, Voldemort.

From being grown up in an orphanage to discovering his magical abilities and his true past, to ruling the magical world through wicked ways, Voldemort has proven himself to be an extremely cunning and unique personality of its own at every turn. Here are some facts that prove that Voldemort or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is the greatest of them all in his ways.

So hop on tight on your broomsticks, as it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

 1. His sense of superiority

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

From the very beginning of the series, Lord Voldemort has been depicted as someone with a high sense of superiority and power, which others fear to possess. He possesses a God complex, which makes him destructive and vicious. Even as an 11-year-old boy, when Tom Riddle first came to know about his magical abilities through Dumbledore, he felt rather proud and exceptional instead of shocked or far-fetched. He even felt highly of his ability to talk to snakes and bully children with his unknown power if they disobey him, therefore depicting a true sense of lordly!

 2. He is a control freak

The Dark Lord is always shown in great control of his needs and emotions (if he possessed any). He never opened up to anyone and maintained a great deal of distance from which he sensed danger. He even made sure that Dumbledore doesn’t get to his head and practiced Occlumency himself to avoid fateful encounters with him. He even tried to control his destiny by trying to kill just a baby so that he can beat the one thing he feared the most, the death itself, thus proving Dumbledore right that it is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.

 3. He is a great leader

Voldermort is The greatest Villain
Voldermort is The greatest Villain

With knowledge comes power, and with power comes leadership. Tom Riddle was shown to be an excellent student who had remarkable grades and had every teacher and student wrapped around his fingers. Even as Dark Lord he had a great variety and number of loyal followers who obeyed and feared him just the same, even after 13 years of disappearance, hence proving his control over his pupil and his leadership quality.

 4. His pure hatred

Being born in an orphanage, he always thought that his mother was weak and non-magical if she died giving birth to him. Although when the light of true events fell upon him about his muggle father and his abrupt departure from his pregnant mother’s life, he was filled with sudden hatred and rage towards his father for leaving and his mother for not saving herself magically for him. He murdered his own family for abandoning him and produced a lifelong enmity for love, muggles, and muggle-borns, thus making him extremely partial and inclined towards pure-bloods.

 5. He’s really powerful

Voldermort is The greatest Villain
Voldermort is The greatest Villain

You-Know-Who was not only feared for his invincible army of death eaters but because of his great knowledge and skills in dark arts. He was powerful and although he feared Dumbledore immensely, he still dueled with the old wizard in the department of mysteries in the ministry and had a shoulder-to-shoulder fight with Dumbledore, even though the latter possessed the Elder Wand! He even possessed some of the manipulative power, thus turning the giants, werewolves, dementors, and many other great wizards against the Boy-Who-Lived. This, thus truly depicts his power and strategic ability.

 6. Highly knowledgeable

A child barely the age of 16, managed to acquire knowledge about one of the darkest arts that exist and started formulating his plan to accomplish the unthinkable at such a tender age, that one truly can’t be enough terrified and impressed by his knowledge and thinking process. Tom Riddle was shown as a truly bright young wizard himself, whose knowledge proved quite resourceful for him in later years. When we look back at Lord Voldemort’s past we can only feel somewhat petrified ourselves on knowing how his mind works, and how twisted and wicked paths he led on to become the most powerful sorcerer in the world.

 7. He was quite strategic

Well as the sorting hat once said that, “where those of wits and learning will always find their way”, Voldemort himself quite amazingly proved this right.

Voldermort is The greatest Villain
Voldermort is The greatest Villain

He is depicted as someone who doesn’t hide behind his minions, but in front of them showing his true face and powers. He patiently waited for 13 years to come back to life and even after that he first recruited his followers from Azkaban and all around the world, instead of a magical world all on its own. He even used Harry’s mind against him, which ultimately lead to Sirius’s death, and also chose Draco to do his bidding so that people won’t get too suspicious and get in his way to acquire what he truly desired, Hogwarts and then the magical world.

 8. He had a spooky appearance

When we first read about the Dark Lord’s appearance, we were scared out of our wits on hearing and seeing something so evil. He had blood-red eyes, with a face whiter than a ghost, 2 slits like a snake for nostrils, and had hands like a pale spider with a tall thin body. This description and the first look in the movie made the hair on the back of our neck stand, with a shiver of anticipation and horror down our spines.

 9. He was too personal

Voldermort is The greatest Villain
Voldermort is The greatest Villain

Voldemort is always shown as someone high on power. He never showed a glimpse of sadness, loneliness, failure, or desire, nor did he endure other’s misery, pity, or sympathy, even as a kid. He was shown to be too independent for his good that he didn’t even want to depend upon the philosopher’s stone and drink the elixir of life daily just to keep breathing. Instead, he found the ultimate solution of mortality, the Horcruxes! He never confided in anyone and only saw his death eaters as mere faithful followers rather than as his friends or loyal companions, thus acquiring the title or Lord to show his superiority and ultimatum.

10. He was obsessive

Lord Voldemort Seven Horcruxes

You-Know-Who was quite obsessive and antagonistic when he laid his mind on one thing. He is constantly on a chase after one thing or another. At first, he is shown obsessed with collecting trophies for his Horcruxes and goes to the most corrupt ways to acquire them. Later he is shown going mad over the Chosen One and has had fateful encounters with him almost every year even in the near-death stage. His mania to kill Harry to making it his sole goal in life can’t be something that can be forgotten so easily, especially when he not only just killed innocent lives but also put his actual and initial goal on hold in search of the elder wand that he thought would truly be the answer to Harry’s death and his ultimate rise. Although this obsessive nature was truly the cause of his death as he never really understood the difference between being dragged into the arena to face the battle till death and walking into one with your head held high, like Dumbledore and Harry himself did.

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