Chetna Gupta

  • Feb- 2021 -
    7 February
    HollywoodTeenage Characters Played By Older Actors

    Famous Teenage Characters Played By Older Actors

    The beauty, the looks, the fineness of one’s look goes away with age is what we all have grown up to believe, but does it really? I mean how many times do we walk around the street and see all kinds of people, some over mature, some adaptive teens, and some who their age with a mask of childish innocence,…

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  • Jan- 2021 -
    30 January
    HollywoodCool Dads of Television

    The 10 Coolest Dads in The History of Television

    Television has its own way of giving wings to our imagination and expectations. Sometimes by bringing a ridiculously handsome love interest or the other times by bringing glamour beyond satisfaction, but this time we are gonna talk about the ultimate one, the dad one! T.V. dads have their own cool and eccentric vibe going on, where they are unbelievably chilled,…

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  • 20 January
    HollywoodHealthy and Toxic Break-Ups

    10 Most Healthy and Toxic Break-Ups on Television

    Television enables us to live several lives in a lifetime. They make us all fall in love, laugh, cry, and feel passionate again about the things we love or want to love. The shows and series have made us all drool over fictional characters and their little miss perfect fictional world where glamour walks around the streets, vampires and werewolves…

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  • 10 January
    TelevisionCross-Gender Friendships on TV

    10 Cross-Gender Friendships Over The Years on TV

    Let’s settle this age-old discussion today and say that a GIRL and a BOY can be platonic friends. This age-old myth has blown out of proportion so much. I know that many cross-gender friendships do end in a romantic relationship (like Chandler and Monica, etc), but that doesn’t mean you can’t start a cross-gender friendship. Platonic friendships between men and…

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  • 8 January
    NewsSherlock Holmes And Death Note Cross-Culture

    What If There’s A Sherlock Holmes And Death Note Cross-Culture?

    The two series are quite enigmatic and strong on their own, but what truly escapes to catch our attention sometimes is the degree of similarities but at the same time some cliched differentiation between the two. Having been grown up with a strong impact of both worlds, I can say that one cannot get enough of the best of both…

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  • Dec- 2020 -
    9 December

    10 Most Fascinating And Weirdest Quirk In My Hero Academia

    My Hero Academia did start as a basic anime with all kinds of heroes, villains, and superpowers for us to engage in, but soon the show turned into many folds. A simple story of how a quirkless boy turned out to be a great successor of the ultimate power of one for all and how he made that borrowed power…

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  • Nov- 2020 -
    25 November

    10 Things We Want From Each Harry Potter Movie

    With the passing growth and time, it has become evident that we find ourselves getting more and more involved and sucked into the world that might not have any claim at but is still ours in every possible way. One such world is that of Harry Potter. It’s been nearly 20 years since the Harry Potter movie first premiered and…

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  • 22 November

    10 Amazing Harry Potter Quotes That Changed Our Lives Forever

    Harry Potter Quotes: In the world of fantasies and illusions, a certain group of witches and wizards have always managed to steal our hearts with its exciting ventures and alluring trust in each other. All those who are drawn to the world of Harry Potter can always agree to the fact that it has somehow managed to renew our perspective…

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  • 4 November

    Reasons Why Voldermort is the Greatest Villain in the History of Fantasy Fiction

    Voldermort is the greatest Villain: HARRY POTTER! The sound alone is sufficient to send a person to cloud nine, with its extraordinary plots, enigmatic characters, and euphoric picturization. No matter how many times one watches or reads the series, every time they find themselves being completely dissolved in the wondrousness of Diagon Alley and the secrets and mischief of Hogwarts.…

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  • 1 November
    AnimeTechniques in Dragon Ball

    15 WTF Facts About Dragon Ball That Will Make You Go Crazy!

    Dragon Ball Facts: Ever since 1986, dragon ball has managed to twist our minds with its ever so confusing plots and turns. With time this show has single-handedly made our lives both exciting and open to possibilities that one couldn’t have imagined. Starting with the adventures of Goku, who learns martial arts to become the world’s finest fighter, he starts…

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  • Oct- 2020 -
    22 October
    MoviesDisney Princesses Total Badass

    Seven Times Disney Princesses Proved to be a Total Badass

    Disney has always been a way for us to escape the real world and find ourselves completely dissolved into something magical since the very beginning, one cannot help but feel secure once re-entering the world of happiness and illusion. But with age come wisdom and the sense of belongingness where we all try to confide in someone who we are…

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  • 18 October
    MoviesAnime on Netflix

    7 Anime on Netflix For You to Binge-Watch Right Now

    Anime has now gained large scale popularity over the years by winning our hearts. One surely can’t get a hold of themselves if they start watching them. Early anime were intended primarily for the Japanese market and employed many cultural references unique to Japan, but as the popularity peeked and captured the global market including that of India and the USA…

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  • 16 October
    MoviesDisney Villains Deserved Spin Off

    Disney Villains Who Deserved Their Own Spin Off

    Disney Villains Deserved Spin-Off: Being grown up watching Disney movies and creating our own romantic fantasies around it, one can never forget the impact it posed on us as children. And their impact wouldn’t have been so significant if it weren’t for the villains who differentiated the line between right and wrong. Although as kids we always focused on positive…

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