10 Most Fascinating And Weirdest Quirk In My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia did start as a basic anime with all kinds of heroes, villains, and superpowers for us to engage in, but soon the show turned into many folds. A simple story of how a quirkless boy turned out to be a great successor of the ultimate power of one for all and how he made that borrowed power his own and became the ultimate hero of all time surely does sound mediocrity fascinating. But the show has proved itself to be quite joyful and amusing over the years. It feels like an anime created straight out of a comic book, with every character having weird quirks, superheroes saving the world, monstrous and funny looking villains destroying properties, but Japanese culture and anime feel all overwritten in the show.

Although we have to agree the most interesting thing to talk about is the quirks and how versatile and unique they are. Sure being bought up by the world of fantasy where marvel, Disney, harry potter, etc have a lot to offer does do a toll on one but a classroom of students with quirks that are never even imagined or experienced does do a number on one. So here we are discussing some of the most fascinating and quirky quirks that did not miss to catch our eyes in one go.

 1. Manifest – Tamakai Amajiki

Converting and controlling different parts of your body into what you eat is seriously something noteworthy. I mean sure the ‘sun eater’ did prove himself to be quite powerful and determined despite his pessimist attitude (which was kinda fun to witness in an upcoming hero), but his quirk is grossly cool. Just imagine having an ability to turn into parts of octopus, chicken, fish, and what not and scaring people off while keeping villains at bay, sounds fun to me!

2. Fiber master – Hakamada Tsunagu

The Best Jeanist’s quirk is quite extraordinary as he can control other person’s cloth fiber at will. He can also manipulate and unravel parts of his clothing by converting them into strings for protection. Being the number 3 greatest villain in the whole of Japan, the hero does have a quite efficient quirk making him less dependable on others and more self-sufficient. One should also not forget that he was able to restrain All For One, which do speaks something. I mean his greatest enemy possible is nudity which is a bit over the top I think, so I guess he is good as long as his opponent has some clothes on!

3. Brainwash – Hitoshi Shinso

The guy has the ability to control the minds of his opponents as long as they respond to his questions. Mind control is creepy but at the same time awesome and being able to control your opponents’ mind just by hearing their voice can come in a lot of handy to the mainstream hero as loads of times villains would not be able to tell what hit them to blackout and turn themselves in. His only overpowering opponent could be a non-vocal villain like Nomu.

4. Warp Gate – kurogiri

It’s the ability to teleport someone from one place to another. As simple and insignificant as this quirk sounds, Kurogiri proved it even more powerful and handy. One could use teleportation not just for defense but for the offense as well and can miss their opponent’s attack by simply teleporting themselves to somewhere else. And the fact that he saved league of villains so many times and it was he who got knocked out first so that they can’t escape does proves my point pretty well.

5. Creation – Momo Yaoyorozu

The ability to transform your fat cells into any inanimate object as long as you know its chemical make-up speaks for itself. Yaoyorozu proved to be most efficient at times of need and produced many objects like gas masks, shields, etc to protect herself and her classmates from the league of villains. Plus the quirk serves as a bonus as she can stop worrying about gaining weight as she can convert her fat into anything she wants and she doesn’t need to think twice about spending much as she can produce whatever she wants somewhat efficiently. So according to us, she is a complete package on her own. This quirk is honestly a dream for many.

6. Bloodcurdle – Chizome Akaguro

Hero Killer – Stain, the passion he holds against All-Mighty, and the criteria to become a true hero according to him is something that makes him truly dangerous and terrifying. The craziness and psychotic fire in his eyes also made us stop in our tracks and completely paralyzed by his power. Blood curdle, something that enables one to paralyze their opponent just by ingesting their blood does sound truly gross and deviously powerful.  Stain with his super-skilled blades managed to make his opponent bleed and kill them which is what makes him a terrifying villain. Although this quirk does have a drawback as the paralysis is not permanent and the duration differs according to blood type.

7. Overhaul – Kai Chisaki

Kai’s quirk is a handful all by itself which made him one of the most difficult villains till now. Overhaul allows him to deconstruct and reassemble anything just by touching it. The most horrifying fact is that it applies to both living and non-living things thus making him kind of unbeatable if he simply touches you. His quirk also gives him access to destroying a few things and creating something completely new out of it. That immense amount of power does speak for itself and makes you somewhat a greatest villain and conqueror, funny how the girl he kept captive became the cause of his very destruction.

8. Foresight – Mirai Sasaki

Sir Nighteye, one of the most powerful pro hero was fashioned with a pretty cool quirk. He withheld the ability to foresee the future just by touching his opponent and looking them in the eye. He was also gifted in few combat skills as he was a fairly good fighter and his quirk gave him the ability to see his opponents move and which enabled him to counter-attack accordingly. He was also a sidekick of All Might for five years, the most powerful hero himself, which did allow him to learn from the best. But sometimes a quirk like that comes with a heavy price as the future is meant to be mysterious and knowing too much about it might pain your very existence in the present. Sir Nighteye’s quirk truly is efficient and helpful to fight off evil and restore peace.

9. One For All – Izuku Midoriya

A quirk that can be transferred from one person to another and can provide them with all physical strength and power can be highly efficient and misleading at the same time. This quirk is one of the most powerful and gives its holder the power to channelize their energy to not just fight but also to fly and be quick. Deku, this quirk’s current and ninth holder was a quirkless kid and this transferable quirk gave him hope and light. Although its ultimate motive is to defeat all for one, one cannot ignore the overwhelming power it holds and the responsibility it bears within it.

10. All For One

The most powerful and inevitable quirk of all time, All For One is the ultimate one that makes it to pour list. The quirk gives its holder the ability to steal his opponent’s quirk from the on his will and use it for his good making him more and more powerful. All for One proves to be the most powerful of them all since its opponent, One for All’s main goal is to end it forever. The holder of the quirk has grown to become quite inevitable as its holder is stealing quirk for a while now, one of them is to slow down aging. Thus one cannot be sure of what types and how many of them lie within him, making him an unknown enemy.

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