The Mordo of 616 Will Return To Become the Villain of Doctor Strange 3

We think that Multiverse of Madness had a very clever setup for the villain of Doctor Strange 3. Let me break down this theory for you piece by piece. The Marvel Cinematic Universe witnessed the fateful release of Multiverse of Madness. The movie’s most exciting thing was Wanda and her rampage across the multiverse. Her children might have been the Mcguffin but her insanity and the Darkhold’s grip on her were clearly the driving force. We could have never expected the appearance of The Illuminati, much less their immediate death. But there is one member of The Illuminati who we think will definitely return as a variant in Doctor Strange 3. I am, of course, talking about Mordo, the Supreme Supreme of Earth-838. He was left standing at the end of the movie.

There is no way he is happy about the death of his entire team because of a threat that Stephen Strange brought into his universe. In all probability, Karl Mordo will seek revenge on Stephen of the 616 universe, or at least bring him to trial in 838. But there is another character who might be just as inclined to bring Stephen to justice. I am talking about Baron Mordo who is native to the MCU. The character who was hyped up to become the villain of Doctor Strange 2 in the first movie’s after-credits scene but still failed to make an appearance in Multiverse of Madness. To be fair, the moviemakers did point out that there was a lot going on in the movie to include Baron Mordo without making everything chaotic and we can see the logic in that.


Villain Of Doctor Strange

Still, there is a case to be made for the inclusion of Mordo of 616 into the movie. He wanted to punish Stephen for his crimes against the natural order of things. If we remember correctly, Mordo defected from the side of good because he thought that the Kamar-Taj sorcerers had broken their own rules. He made up his mind and decided to lead a crusade against these unnatural ways of sorcery. His aim was simple, bring these blasphemous sorcerers to justice. This justice was also a figment of his own imagination.


Things have never been so chaotic as they were in Multiverse of Madness. One would think that Mordo’s psychotic break in Doctor Strange would have resulted in Strange choosing to not break the rules anymore, lest he loses even more allies, but in the end, Strange used the time stone to gamble with trillions upon trillions of lives. It was quite astonishing we expected to see the repercussions of it in Multiverse of Madness. Alas! all of our speculations were for naught. The version of Mordo that did show up in the movie was someone who adored Stephen. He called Strange “his brother”.


But it was soon revealed that Mordo merely befriended Strange in order to subdue him. We think that this Mordo of Earth-838 will team up with Baron Mordo of 616 to bring our Doctor Strange to justice. Both of them, alone, are no match for the master of mystic arts but both of them together just might be able to disorient him enough to defeat him. Moreover, Strange and Mordo have had a special relationship since the first movie and we need a proper resolution to this rivalry. It can now only happen in the third movie.


The Future

Villain of Doctor Strange 3

So it becomes obvious that Mordo will be the villain of Doctor Strange 3. We have several other candidates who can take fill that position (Including Nightmare and Dormammu and Umar) but all of them are surreal and hyper-real entities. Mordo would do wonders as a secondary protagonist. Maybe the team-up of 838 Mordo with the one in 616 will lead to a redemption arc, the likes of which we have never seen before.


Doctor Strange 2

All of this to say that we think that Mordo will definitely return in Doctor Strange 3, be it as a villain or as a disgusted ally.

Let us know what you think about this theory down in the comments. Do you think it holds any water or does it only sound like hogwash? Also, keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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