5 Greatest Scenes From Harry Potter Books That Were Not Shown In The Movies

When it comes to adapting a book to a movie it is always difficult to please the readers because a filmmaker has to cut down a lot of substance from the book to create it on the big screen. While a novel can fit in as much or as little as the author desires, a film must deliver the contents of a novel in only a few hours. This obviously makes it impossible for the director to inculcate as much of the book into the movie as the readers want. Harry potter has been one of the most successful franchises in the past few decades and has taken the fields of both literature and cinema by storm. The seven Harry Potter books are written with such finesse and imagination that it appeals to all ages alike.

Even though the movies have tried to cover as much as possible but there have many things that were left out. Let us take a look at the 5 most important scenes that were not included in the Harry Potter movies but should have been:

Neville Longbottom’s parents:

One of the most heart-wrenching scenes in the series is this scene from Order of the Phoenix where Harry finds out the true state of Neville’s parents. Alice and Frank Longbottom were tortured by the use of the cruciatus curse by death eaters such as Bellatrix Lestrange, Rodolphus Lestrange and Bartemius Crouch Jr to an extent that they lost their minds and were admitted to St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Harry watches Neville meet his parents who don’t even recognize their own son.

RAB’s quest for the Horcrux:

Another great scene from the books is that of Regulus’s quest for Slytherin’s locket with the help of Kreacher. Regulus who was also a death eater tried to defy Voldemort by replicating the locket after finding the real one. Regulus dies in the process of procuring the real locket and does not live to see it get destroyed.

The house of Gaunt:

Half-Blood Prince is my favorite of all books and something that makes the book so interesting is that it focuses a lot on the past. Dumbledore and Harry go back in time several times with the help of the Pensieve and different memories. One of the most important memory is that of Voldemort’s ancestors. This scene shows the house of Marvolo Gaunt who lives with his children Morfin and Merope in Little Hangleton. The main importance of this scene is that it explains how Voldemort gets the Ring and Locket that he later turns into Horcruxes.

*Fun Fact: Voldemort’s mother marries a muggle named Tom Riddle and gives birth to Voldemort. The fact that Merope uses a love potion to woo Riddle and make him marry her is the reason that Voldemort is incapable of loving anyone.

Ariana’s death:

The Harry Potter movies don’t focus much on Dumbledore’s back story but the final book gives us an insight into Dumbledore’s youth and his friendship with Gellert Grindelwald. Grindelwald convinces Dumbledore to indulge in dark magic for “the greater good” and after a while, Dumbledore realizes that he was blinded by his love for Grindelwald and this ends with a duel in which Dumbledore loses his younger sister Ariana and blames himself for the tragedy.

The marauders converting to animagi:

harry potterEven though the third movie gives us an idea about the friendship of the marauders, it misses out on their key adventures. James, Sirius, Remus and the disgrace-to-humanity-Wormtail meet as kids and soon become great friends. When the others find out about Lupin’s secret they not only try to help him but go to such a great extent that they convert themselves to animagi. The movies don’t show much of the marauders in their youth except the little poorly shown sequence of ‘Snape’s worst memory’ in OOTP.

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