6 Reasons Why F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Characters Are Unrivalled

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is a series that started back in 1994 and was last aired on 6th May 2004. It has been twenty-two years that the first episode was featured and twelve that the last one was aired but there has not yet been created a better thing than F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Monica Is The Glue Of The Group


Monica really is the glue to the group for she really keeps everyone going. She is the one to whom everyone can look out in any sort of trouble. She is rightly termed as the ‘Mom’ of the group but she does her job well. She is reason why Rachel got along with the group, Ross was never left out, Chandler always had someone, Joey was never left hungry and Phoebe, even though, not at all related, never felt so. She is the reason why they all kept together, for if it wasn’t for her apartment, things must have gone downhill one time or the other. But Monica, we all love you for whatever you do.

Ross Makes Us Believe That It’s Okay If Things Don’t Work Out


Ross will be Ross. The whiny guy who cries over little things and as Joey puts it, “This man says ‘hello’, I wanna kill myself.’ But he will still remain amazing in his own way. He is so loved by each one of us for even after having so much to lose, for starters, a marriage of seven years and not having his own son live with him to a loss of two more important relationships, he still doesn’t lose himself. He is still right in his senses and helps us believe that even if things don’t go very well, that doesn’t mean that we leave all our hope from love and relationships. We must keep our faith instilled. Ross is the loveliest when it comes to being optimistic. We love you Ross.

Phoebe Gives The Lesson To Be Who You Are And Not Be Ashamed Of It


 Phoebe, as is well called, is wonderfully weird. She has a totally different mindset than all the other people alive. She believes in things no one else does and defies things that we believe are true. She always takes a stand for what she believes in and is never ashamed of the way she is. Rather, she proudly accepts that she is extremely different and inspires us to do the same. She motivates us to be who we are without being ashamed of it.

Chandler Shows How We Can Make Others Laugh Even If We Ourselves Are Sad


 Chandler is the funniest one of all. He makes jokes in every situation, regardless it is a happy moment or an intense one. He forgets his own pain when it comes to the other ones. He loves each one of them and never steps aside when it comes to bringing a smile to their faces. He never even whines about any of his own problems, instea, he can convert them into jokes as well. Thank you Chandler, for making us all laugh soooo much.

Rachels Teaches Us That We Should Never Stop Ourselves From Doing What Makes Us Happy


 From the very first episode, Rachel has done what she has felt like, starting from leaving Barry to getting off the plane. She has always done what she felt was right, whether it was working as a waitress or quitting, choosing he work over Ross for the night or leaving Ross because he did a mistake, or maybe not being scared of being a single mother and still wanting the baby. She has beautifully shown us that we all must take a stand for what we want and not let anything change our own choices.

Thanks Rachel.

Joey Is The One We All Love, Because He Shows What True Love IS


Joey never stays back when it comes to being the support of all of them. He loves everyone and looks out that they are all happy and secure. If ever, anything happens that makes them unhappy or vulnerable, he steps forward and takes the chance to fix things. He doesn’t share food never stopped phoebe when she was out of money, he stepped up to marry phoebe and then Rachel when it turned out that she had to be a single mother, he went straight to Rachel’s boss when Rachel exclaimed that she had a problem, he was there with Ross to guide him when he didn’t know whether to go back to Rachel or not, he peed on Monica to help her and was not ashamed of it and for Chandler, well do we really need to say anything?

Joey is the sweetest of them all and will always be. We all love you Joey. We love you sooo much.

Shubhrika Dogra

Shubhrika is an emotional person and portrays that in her words. She is a coffee lover and hence an intrigued writer. She loves to play with words and twist them as much as she can, that is her way of writing. But mostly, she loves creating suspense in her writing. She would never let the real story come out until the last part of her writings. Writing is her life and her heartbeat.
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