10 Most Healthy and Toxic Break-Ups on Television

Television enables us to live several lives in a lifetime. They make us all fall in love, laugh, cry, and feel passionate again about the things we love or want to love. The shows and series have made us all drool over fictional characters and their little miss perfect fictional world where glamour walks around the streets, vampires and werewolves have a passionate quarrel around the corner, and stalking is like an everyday activity. We want it all no matter how ridiculous, superficial, or dangerous the things would be if they would exist in real life, as long as we are getting a good-looking guy out of it, why not!

Healthy and Toxic Break-Ups
Healthy and Toxic Break-Ups

But along with all the fantasies and entertainment, one more thing that televisions emphasize is that no matter how glamourous life is, it has got to have its ups and downs. We all have dream couple goals inspired by these very shows and a dream boy/girl we all want in our lives. When two characters fall in love so do we along with them, we love, laugh, live, and break with them. Sometimes we grow fond of the two people and add them to the list of our favorite couples and sometimes we are just glad that the nightmare is over with a simple breakup. With this keeping in mind here is the list of some healthy and toxic breakups in the history of television that we all have lived and experienced, so enjoy the ride!

Healthy: Stefan and Elena (The Vampire Diaries)

The two characters started off as the purest and sweet romance one could ever imagine having. They supported each other, respected each other’s choices, and helped one another to welcome the day and not regret the day before it has even begun because they knew they will see each other again! But no matter how much love and support they had for each other, there was always a missing feeling. Both seemed rather burdened and compelled to do it instead of feeling it truly within themselves. The two moved on from each other without even realizing it and found someone who filled their missing pieces instead of being with someone who was just trying to be a perfect fit, thus, making their breakup rather healthy and must for their betterment and growth.

Toxic: Ross and Rachel (Friends)

The two characters were straight away made up for each other no matter what life throws at them. Rachel always needed someone like Ross who would take care of her and treat her like someone who is appreciated and loved while Ross needed someone like Rachel who would help him get over his insecurities and help him grow his personality and vision. Both of them always felt for each other and refused to let each other go even if they were on a break. Their breakup was straightway unhealthy in some ways as they always seemed to find their way back to each other accepting their past and growing more mature in every step.

Heathy: Nate and Blair (Gossip Girl)

Healthy and Toxic Break-Ups
Healthy and Toxic Break-Ups

Nate and Blair never looked like a perfect couple or rather a happy couple too. Both of them just had too much uncommon between them. Even after Nate hooked-up with Serena and realizes his true feelings and inclination towards her, he doesn’t break it off with Blair and continue to live in a much-forced relationship that was wrong to all three. Blair was always seen as the insecure or jealous one whereas Nate was always seen in some kind of pain, hence when the two finally broke it off we all were able to feel some air through our systems. The two needed to separate and find their ways with someone who would appreciate them rather than just compromise with them.

Toxic: Robin and Barney (How I Met Your Mother)

No matter what others say about Robin ending up with Ted, I believe that she deserved someone like Barney in her life. She and Barney were rather a much-unexpected couple and a much needed one too. They both hit it off great from the very beginning whether it was friendship, flirting, supporting each other, or being a couple, they were great in it all. Barney made real efforts to be worthy of Robin and took Ted’s permission to marry her in his way and proved to be a great friend and boyfriend to both. They both had a great bond and should have ended up together.

Healthy: Kelso and Jackie (That 70’s Show)

Healthy and Toxic Break-Ups
Healthy and Toxic Break-Ups

The two were always fun to watch on screen with their stupidity, childish behavior, and absolute nonsense babbling about stuff. The two always managed to make us laugh with their own adorable but immature relationship. But maybe because of this only two needed to break it off too. The two were just too immature to be in a relationship together and needed someone who would help them grow-up a little for their own good. And since Jackie can destroy a talented man’s potential, as mentioned in her yearbook, she does need someone who is a little more grown-up than Kelso.

Toxic: Cece and Schmidt (New Girl)

They were a great and yet a weird couple in their way but we loved them anyway no matter what. They both always seemed like too much of a mismatch but as their story grew we realized that they were rather made up for each other. Their break up was one of the saddest parts and the most foolish too. Schmidt always had insecurities and when his insecurity turned into jealousy they knew that things have changed. They choose to break it off instead of talking it through and ended up making really stupid decisions altogether. They could have ended up together much earlier if they were not consumed by their insecurities and childish stubbornness of being always right.

Healthy: Otis and Ola (Sex Education)

Otis and Ola never really appealed to us as a couple that well from the very beginning, maybe because of our biasedness towards Maeve and Otis’ relationship, or maybe they weren’t that good of a match. But either way, their breakup was much healthier and fruitful than we have imagined. They were able to explore new stuff about each other and were able to follow their heart and love without feeling held back. Both of them also maintained a mature and respectful relationship after their breakup and understood each other’s perspective and backed down accordingly not letting their ego get the better of things.

Toxic: Hayley and Elijah (The Originals)

Healthy and Toxic Break-Ups
Healthy and Toxic Break-Ups

They are one of the most on and off a couple I have ever witnessed. The two experienced the spark between them from episode one yet they took long enough to hit it off. The two break it up situationally a lot and had the most unhealthy breakup as both were clearly and irrevocably in love with each other, and yet decided to act against it for some reason or the other. They both deserved a happy ending and yet they never lived to see one, thus making them the most loved but at the same time the most tragic couple of modern times.

Healthy: Dan and Chloe (Lucifer)

Both of them were quite good together no doubt and also tried to give their marriage a second chance for their daughter, but just couldn’t manage to keep up with it, whether blame it upon the situation or luck. They always seemed rather mismatched and too different to end up together. By taking a divorce and raising their daughter individually the two did take a more mature decision instead of trying to live in a marriage where trust and love were easily breakable and questionable.

Toxic: Spencer and Toby (Pretty Little Liars)

Healthy and Toxic Break-Ups
Healthy and Toxic Break-Ups

You gotta admit they were somehow our favorite couple in the series. The two always saw themselves as misfits and helped and supported each other out in the darkest of times. The two had trust, love, care, understanding, and everything one would want in a true relationship. The two did grow apart for some time in the series and it was the darkest time for us, A there to make our lives hell or not! They needed each other to grow and love themselves and the world again, which they grew up to hate and feel burdened about, hence making their breakup rather unhealthy.

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