10 Cross-Gender Friendships Over The Years on TV

Let’s settle this age-old discussion today and say that a GIRL and a BOY can be platonic friends. This age-old myth has blown out of proportion so much. I know that many cross-gender friendships do end in a romantic relationship (like Chandler and Monica, etc), but that doesn’t mean you can’t start a cross-gender friendship. Platonic friendships between men and women are not all that common on TV shows, but these 10 friendships tell us that it can be a beautiful thing.

Penny and Sheldon

Cross-Gender Friendships on TV

These two would any day top the list of the guy-girl friendship phenomena. Their journey from disliking each other at first to becoming best of friends is something we all have experienced. Penny and Sheldon have become like families to each other, where Penny cares for Sheldon like a sister and Sheldon protects and comforts Penny like a brother. Their dynamic is the best part of the show throughout.

Jake and Gina

Childhood friends, Jake and Gina entertain us throughout the series. These two share a unique and loud bond that makes everyone uncomfortable at first, but who cares! Jake is the reason why Gina has a job in the precinct and Gina is the reason why Jake has an apartment to live in. Fun fact, Andy Samberg and Chelsea Peretti, who plays Jake and Gina, respectively are actually childhood buddies! This makes their friendship on the show more genuine and fun to watch.

Lily and Ted

Cross-Gender Friendships on TV

They’ve been friends since college and not just because she’s dating Ted’s best friend, Marshall, but because they genuinely care for each other. Lily being the mature friend in the group has always helped everyone, but she shared a special bond with Ted, especially when it comes to his love life. Ted hasn’t been all that mature and sensible when it comes to handling his love life, but he knew that he can always turn to Lily for her brutal, but honest advice. A crazy male best friend and a mature girl bestie is the best combo, and Ted and Lily gave us that.

Bonnie and Damon

Damon and Bonnie had never been best friends. In fact, Bonnie pretty much hated Damon in the starting. But later we saw Damon and Bonnie working together and becoming tolerant of each other. They were each other’s rocks in the Prison World. Bonnie was the only one who wouldn’t put up with Damon’s crap or was charmed by him, and frankly, Damon needed a person like that in his life. There are so many sweet moments between the two like when Damon tried to save Bonnie’s mother or when Bonnie sacrificed herself to get Damon to return home (the real Mystic Fall) and how they drove each other crazy in the Prison World, (remember Damon’s devil pancakes!). they made a great duo and started a new foundation of friendship together.

Donna and Kelso

Cross-Gender Friendships on TV
Cross-Gender Friendships on TV

We get to see a bit of Donna’s friendship with Kelso and they have very significant scenes together. For example, they go to Jackie and Fez’s roller-disco contest together and have a lot of real interaction during it – that’s just between them. Kelso expresses genuine concern about Donna to Eric and drives her to California to cheer her up and not let her be alone after a break-up. In season 6, Donna is the one who convinces Kelso to act responsible and tells Brooke that he will take responsibility for his child. She even goes to the library with him for moral support. This innocent and sweet friendship between the two melted our hearts.

Phoebe and Joey

Joey is someone who puts his friendship above everything else in life, and in the case of Phoebe also, he values her friendship too much. There are so many examples of the platonic love they both shared like when Joey went vegetarian when Phoebe was pregnant, so that she wouldn’t feel guilty about eating meat or when he kissed her because she was disheartened to find out that she was actually 31 and not 30 years old or when Phoebe helped Joey learn French and guitar for a role. Their friendship was magic on the screen. Joey also officiated Phoebe’s marriage. “You know boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go, but this is for life.”

Lily and Barney

Their platonic connection has often looked “like siblings”. However, there are also many moments when Barney listens to Lily and follow her advice, maybe because Lily is the mature one and whatever she says is actually right. Lily was the first one whom Barney told about his feeling for Robin and she helped him out like a genuinely concerned friend. Barney does try to flirt with Lily on several occasions, but all that is just in good humor and it shows how comfortable they are around one another.

Rachel and Chandler

Cross-Gender Friendships on TV
Cross-Gender Friendships on TV

Remember when Chandler was consoling Rachel about a relationship that didn’t work out. He gives her a hug, tells her how good and attractive she is, and invites her to a Hockey game to comfort her. It’s clear that Chandler and Rachel are fond of each other. They have less, but such iconic and sweet moments together, like when they stole a cheesecake or like when Chandler consoles Rachel on her parent’s divorce. These sweet moments made us believe in mature friendships.

Lucifer and Ella

The two characters shared a fun and encouraging bond, where one was over cheerful and happy-go-lucky and the other was flirtatious and, well, supernatural. But the thing both had in common was drama! The two always goofed around in crime scenes and it sometimes got on Chloe’s nerves, but they always shared a quite trustful and strong bond. Lucifer even took her help on a person’s case and enjoyed her company, making it the most under-rated and yet enjoyable friendship ever.

Robin and Marshall

We didn’t get to see many moments between these two as they didn’t spend much time together. But we cannot deny the fact that how much they had in common. Marshall and Robin are seen to share a lot of hobbies. We all know that they are huge sports junkies, but they have also bonded over guns, politics, and music over the years. One is a lawyer and another one is a journalist, which is why both have a really high moral ground and believe in justice. The sweetest moment between the two was when Marshall took Robin to a sports bar, as she was missing her home, Canada, and her love for sports.

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