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10 Continuity Errors In DCEU Movies That People Spotted

MCU and DCEU are two famous franchises currently active in Hollywood. Both of them have a lot of things lined up for the next few years. But in terms of DCEU, things have been between averages to best. Now mistakes are committed in every movie. But DCEU’s are a bit bigger which is why they cannot be ignored. There have been some mistakes that we rarely notice in DCEU movies. But if we have a brief discussion, maybe we will be able to look into all the details properly the next time when we go to watch a DCEU movie. Let’s look at the continuity errors in DCEU movies:

1. Wonder Woman’s teleporting Lasso

Wonder Woman has been seen using a common weapon called the Lasso of Hestia. It compels a person to speak the truth. Now recently Wonder Woman 1984 was released in theaters and simultaneously on HBO Max. It received a mixed critical reception but the movie also has some other errors. In one of the scenes, Wonder Woman saves some kids from being run over by vehicles. She uses the rope-like Lasso of Hestia to save the kids but loses the grip as she was losing her power. But when she fell down to the ground, the same Lasso of Hestia was seen on her back.

2. Harley Quinn’s costume change

2016’s Suicide Squad has gained a large fan base despite being panned by the critics. Now there are high expectations from the upcoming sequel. Every character has gained his or her own fan base. But the best one here was Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie. In 2020’s Birds of Prey, Cassandra needs to be rescued. So Harley enters with an iconic look and then reveals another outfit underneath. The sprinklers then start going off. Then we get to see an action sequence. But the aftermath was shocking. Harley’s clothes were completely dry instead of being wet.

3. Zack Snyder misses a fix

Zack Snyder had to leave Justice League in between when his daughter committed suicide. Joss Whedon was brought in as the director and the final product turned out to be disappointing. Recently, the Snyder Cut of Justice League was released on HBO Max. This one received a better reception than the original film. A lot of things were fixed on this version. But Snyder left out one part. In one of the scenes, Martha Kent and Lois Lane were having a conversation. They were drinking coffee. One of the coffee mugs was seen blowing steam but in the next second, the cup was not blowing any steam and was shown to be cold.

4. Indestructible bus

Continuity Errors In DCEU Movies

Zack Snyder started his journey on the DCEU with Man of Steel released in 2013. The film was a reboot of Superman. The lead role was played by Henry Cavill. Although the film received a mixed reception, it was a box office success. Now when Superman and the villain General Zod were busy fighting each other, a lot of things were destroyed throughout the movie, especially towards the climax. But the vehicle number 6370 of a bus was seen crashing into the debris. But the next second, the same number plate was appearing intact on the screen.

5. Wonder Woman could already fly

Wonder Woman 1984 has been a huge hit on streaming services although it did not gross much like the original at the box office. But despite that, the film has a few errors. Diana Prince and Barbara Ann Minerva discover a Dreamstone. Diana wishes for Steve Trevor’s resurrection and he comes back. But because of that, Diana loses a few of her powers up to some extent. Steve convinces her to renounce her wish. After she does that, we see her flying. It is shown like Wonder Woman is flying for the first time. But this has already happened in the climax of the first film.

6. Bruce’s ultra zip file

We all noticed the character of Diana Prince in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. But maybe we never expected that Diana Prince will turn out to be Wonder Woman towards the end. It is revealed in the middle of the movie where Bruce Wayne sends her some zip files. Now if we see normally, Bruce Wayne sends her an email that is 24 megabytes in size. But every video file in that email is around 800 megabytes when Diana opens it up. Well, this kind of software doesn’t exist in reality. How that turned up in the movie is still a mystery.

7. Bruce lost track of Diana?

The last entry of DCEU, Wonder Woman 1984 is a direct sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman. The film takes place during the ‘80s. But the problem here is that the film does not fit well with the timeline. We all remember that Justice League takes place in 2017. Before that, Bruce Wayne tells Diana Prince that she needs to get back in the game. This implies that she has been off the hero map since 1918. Now we clearly see that she has been hiding in Wonder Woman 1984. But she publicly addresses the country in the storyline’s conclusion.

8. Granny’s magical peach tea

Continuity Errors In DCEU Movies

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was released with very high expectations. But unfortunately, it turned out to be a disappointment in terms of the story, characters, and pacing. The film has many errors but Martha Kent’s dialogue in Batman V Superman was surely one of the worst things in the movie. But the granny’s magical peach tea is almost close to that. We get to see a jar of tea in one of the scenes in the movie. But the shocking part here was that the lid of the jar was seen open and closed and it changed in every shot.

9. Admiral McKenzie

2016’s Suicide Squad was actually not a bad movie. But it has its own problems. If you properly analyze the movie, a lot of issues are going to come up. But what I am about to tell you here is about a character. At the beginning of the movie, we see a dinner scene where Amanda Waller meets up with a group of people. Here we get to see a character called Admiral McKenzie who was there just to hear the introduction of the lead characters. But in the end credits, his name was mentioned as Admiral Olsen. This proves that the film was made in a disorganized way.

10. Diana moves faster than the speed of light

Wonder Woman is currently one of the most powerful female superheroes we know yet in the DCEU. Now in the opening sequence of 2017’s Justice League, we saw her moving at a very high speed. Maybe she was faster than Flash. But in one of the battle scenes, Diana jumps to reach her sword. We see her waving her left hand to catch the sword. The camera then focuses on Flash who pushes the sword with one touch of his finger. But here now, we see Diana waving her right hand and she holds the sword with the same.

So these are all the Continuity Errors in DCEU Movies.

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