Thor 4: Where is Hela? Why She Didn’t Appear After Surviving Ragnarok?

Thor: Love and Thunder is out on Disney+, and it will soon be released on BluRay. So along with it, we’re also getting some extra deleted scenes from the movie. But now that people are watching and rewatching the movie, they have been left with a few questions in mind. And one of those is – Where is Hela, and why she didn’t appear in Love and Thunder after surviving Ragnarok?

Many viewers might still be thinking that Surtur killed off Hela during Ragnarok. But if you zoom into the scene and slow it down, you’d make out that right at the moment when Surtur plunged his sword into Asgard, Hela escaped with a portal. It was the same kind of portal that she used to make her entrance into Norway. So, if she escaped, then where is she now? And why didn’t she show up in Love and Thunder?


The straight answer to this could be that she is hiding somewhere in the universe, planning to return in Thor 5. Since her strength was directly connected to Asgard and its magic, she could be regaining her powers as New Asgard slowly prospers. Or she could have simply taken over some other weaker planet and is waiting to strike back at her younger brother.


Where is Hela

We shouldn’t expect to see her any time before Thor 5 because the upcoming Avengers movies would already have a lot of characters. So, there may not be a vacant spot for the Goddess of Death. Maybe if Kang were to assemble a squad of the strongest villains to throw at the heroes, we could see Hela going up against the Avengers. But it’s improbable.


I believe that if Hela survived, she should have appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder. She is the Goddess of Death, after all. So, seeing a match-up between Gorr the God Butcher and the Goddess of Death would have been tremendous, as Gorr could have established his dominance by killing off a relatively more robust character than Thor! Apart from this, I don’t see a use for her in the future. So, Taika didn’t just waste Thor, but he probably wasted Hela as well.


Where is Hela, according to you guys? Let us know your thoughts in the comments on whether Hela should have appeared in Love and Thunder.

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