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20 Actors Who Hated Their Costumes In Pop Culture Films

We all love to see our favorite superheroes don the perfect costume. While we enjoy it, the question that ticks me is, do they enjoy it as much? Well… No! Obviously, not every aspect of being a superhero is exciting. First, the danger always lurks regarding the acceptance from critics and fans alike. Second, the threat to one’s body during the stunts. Last but not the least, is the costume. Here’s a list of 20 actors who hated their costumes:

Actors Who Hated Their Costumes

1. Val Kilmer – Batman

It would take almost an hour for Val Kilmer to get into his Batman suit. Moreover, the suit had no earholes. So, Kilmer was practically deaf the entire time he was in the suit.

2. Peter Mayhew – Chewbacca

Chewbacca’s costume was actually made up of real yak and mohair. So one can only imagine how hot it must be for Mayhew. He claimed that he sweat so much his mask would come off now and then.

3. Jennifer Lawrence – Mystique

Mystique is an essential part of the X-Men franchise. Moreover, Jennifer Lawrence’s performance is amazing. But she would have wait for 8 hours for the attire to get ready on her, and honestly one can only imagine the excruciating anxiety!

4. Scarlett Johansson – Black Widow

After Lawrence’s 8 hour wait, comes Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow. It’s said that her suit was so tight that could not even wear underwear within.

5. Robert John Burke – RoboCop

Burke has described the suit as a “torture chamber”. That’s because the RoboCop costumes were 150 pounds of fiberglass and steel. Imagine wearing that for months while filming!

6. Ralph Fiennes – Voldemort

Actors Who Hated Their Costumes

Voldemort is one of the most loved villains of all time. But that didn’t come without a price. Apparently, Fiennes did not like the special make-up. In fact, he hated it so much that he’s vowed to never take on a role that will require him to wear special makeup.

7. Michelle Pfieffer – Catwoman

Okay, this will seem a little uncomfortable. At least to me, it is. Pfieffer had to cover herself in powder just to fit into Catwoman’s vinyl costumes. The suit was then vacuum-sealed around her. Jeez!

8. Paul Bettany – Vision

It would take 4 hours to turn Paul into Vision because of the extreme details. But what’s worse is that it would take less than a minute to rip off the make-up. All that effort comes down crashing within seconds!

9. Buddy Ebsen  – The Tin Man, The Wizard of Oz

Now, this is where the line is crossed. Ebsen’s Tin Man wore makeup that contained toxic aluminum dust. After inhaling too much of the dust, he had to be hospitalized!

10. Malin Akerman – Silk Spectre, Watchmen

The only reason why Akerman makes the list is because of her comment on the costume. She shared Watchmen‘s latex costumessaying “When you take it off, it smells like a human condom.”

11. Oscar Isaac – Apocalypse

If you liked Isaac’s portrayal as Apocalypse then this one is for you. Issac’s 40-pound Apocalypse costume was so difficult for him that he used a wheelchair for mobility. How did the guy ever come into action?

12. Anne Hathaway – Catwoman

It was revealed that Hathway had to go to the gym for 10 months straight to fit into her Catwoman suit. Can you imagine the efforts that she would have put? And honestly, she looked stunning in that suit!

13. Robert Downey, Jr. – Iron Man

Even though we love Iron Man’s suit, Robert had other thoughts about the suit. He has confessed to peeing inside his Iron Man suit as the suit didn’t hold noticeable water stains. Such a tough spot for Downey!

14. Tom Holland – Spider-Man

Actors Who Hated Their Costumes

We love and want more of Holland as Spider-Man. But it wasn’t easy for the guy to get through his filming. One version of Holland’s Spider-Man suit was a single piece without a removable mask. As a result, he was refrained from using the washroom for hours. We adore your efforts Holland!

15. Ron Perlman – Hellboy

Here, I have a maths question for you. It took four hours each day for Perlman to look like Hellboy. And he went through this wait 86 times throughout the filming. So, how much is that? I’ll tell you. It’s a lot!

16. Kevin Peter Hall – The Predator

When you look at this particular costume, it’s obvious that donning this isn’t easy. Kevin had to walk through lakes and the humid Mexican jungle. All while wearing a giant rubber suit that soaked up water and sweat! Also, this went on for three months straight.

17. Gwyneth Paltrow – Rosemary, Shallow Hal

Our very own Pepper Pots from Marvel, played by Gwyneth Paltrow has given us some amazing flicks. For Rosemary, Shallow Hal she had to put on a 25-pound suit that was difficult to put on. Moreover, it required Paltrow to wear layers of foam and spandex.

18. The Turtles – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

Well, each character had to wear a 60-pound suit to look like the desired character. This made each actor lose significant weight during filming. Talk about true efforts!

19. Jim Carrey – The Grinch

You love the Grinch, don’t you? But Jim did not. t took 8 hours every day to apply the makeup on Carrey. He described the process as “being buried alive each day.” That sounds mentally draining!

20. Robin Williams – Popeye

This is another case where the add-ons to a heavy toll on the actor’s body. Popeye is notoriously famous for his big forearms. The fake forearms would cut off the blood circulation in Robin’s arm. He would have to stop and get his blood circulating again.

So these are the actors who hated their costumes in pop culture films.

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