Doctor Strange 2 Writer Reveals The Dark Secrets of The Illuminati Universe

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness finally introduced us to the Illuminati on Earth-838. This was an Earth where Tony Stark successfully created the Ultron program and allowed the Avengers to retire. So to replace them, the Illuminati came into the mix and they are the ones who took down Thanos. But their Earth is much different and much more advanced than Earth-616. It’s a much darker version of 616 and the writer has revealed some of the dark secrets of the Illuminati Universe.

First, the Illuminati killed off their Doctor Strange and let the world believe that he was a hero. But this Earth is actually even darker than this. After the creation of Ultron, a specific policing system was added to this Earth to keep the crime rates down and catch victims. For that very reason, memory lane was introduced into this world by writer Michael Waldron.


Dark Secrets of The Illuminati Universe

Recently in an interview with Empire, writer Michael Waldron revealed the secrets of Earth-838. He said:

“The funny thing about Memory Lane is that… It’s not in there, but my secret history of 838 is it’s a little bit of a police state. And you can see, everybody is dressed uniformly, it’s like a little bit of an Orwellian feel to it. Cause I was always like, ‘Alright, why does this Memory Lane thing exist?’ I wrote a bunch of what was essentially fine print that I do think we recorded, but it just doesn’t… You can’t quite hear it, but it’s like the guy is saying in the background, he’s like, ‘Disclaimer: Any memories of crimes committed or so-and-so can be admissible in a court of law…’ Memory Lane is really the state’s attempt to minority report you into admitting a crime you committed. That’s my dark secret about Memory Lane.”


It would be great to explore this Earth a little more. Maybe when the Iron Man of this Earth finally shows up as a villain, we’d get to see a bit more. Would you guys prefer a story expansion on this Earth? And what do you think about these dark secrets of the Illuminati universe? Let us know in the comments.

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