10 Sexiest Young Actresses Who Will Become Hollywood Divas

There are various actresses who have established their stardom throughout Hollywood in a very small age and some of the actresses are the uprising stars who will have their names even bigger in the upcoming future. Here is a list of the young actresses who will shine like the biggest stars.

Chloe Moretz

She’s been in some pretty impressive movies, bearing in mind that she is only 20 years of age, all starting from the 2005 movie, Heart of the Beholder. From there, she’s appeared in Bolt, (500) Days of Summer, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Kick-Ass, Carrie, The Equalizer, and The 5th Wave.

Emma Stone

The 28-year-old actress has already established her brand in Hollywood. She has done so many big movies already including, The Amazing Spiderman, Bird-man, La La Land that got so many Oscar nominations and has shown everyone that she has a very bright future.

Sophie Turner

The Game of Thrones star has become a very household name now and because of Game of Thrones, she landed the iconic role of Jean Grey in the X-Men: Apocalypse and the upcoming Dark Phoenix movie at the age of just 21 years.

Nathalie Emmanuel

She plays the role of Khaleesi’s translator, Missandae on Game of Thrones and also got a substantial role in Furious 7 and Fate of the Furious only due to the fact that she is irresistibly hot and is portrayed that way in the Furious franchise too.

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth has been spotted in a few big movies over the years, including 2011’s Silent House, 2014’s Godzilla, and even the 2015 and 2016 movies, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War. Next, she is going to appear in the most anticipated Avengers Infinity War.

Brie Larson

An actress, a singer, and now a director too, 27-year-old Brie Larson has done rather well for herself, starting with a TV career, and having a few roles in movies such as 13 Going on 30, and 21 Jump Street also. Recently she had a major role in Kong: Skull Island and is Marvel’s new Captain Marvel.

Emma Watson

She’s one of the most famous women in the world, regularly shouting out for gender equality, and also making her way through some of the most amazing movies of our generation. Her role of Hermione Grainger in Harry Potter was just the tip of the iceberg, and she also played the ’Beauty’ with the beast in Disney’s fairy tale adaptation this year.

Selena Gomez

We all probably know Selena Marie Gomez better as a singer, rather than an actress, and also the very famous ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber. She started her show business career in Barney & Friends, and now, aged just 24 years old, she has a music and movie / TV career that anyone would be envious of.

Margot Robbie

She is one of the biggest names in Hollywood now and is undoubtedly the hottest star working in Hollywood right now. She is the mad & sexy Harley Quinn in the DCEU and has worked in big movies like Focus, The Wolf of Wall Street and much more.

Jennifer Lawrence


She’s everyone’s favorite Hollywood actress now. She’s appeared on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list twice and that’s before we even get into movies such as Silver Lining’s Playbook with Bradley Cooper, and the Hunger Games series too. At the age of just 26, she has been nominated for 3 Oscars in the Best Actor female category and has won one.

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