15 Things You Missed In What If Zombies

After watching today’s episode of What If…? we have no doubt that Marvel has a complete handle on the future of the MCU. Starting from the first scene of the episode up until the end we were at the edge of our seats. No matter how much hope we were given we knew that after the Zombie Apocalypse the Infinity War loomed over our heads. Regardless, there are a lot of small details in the new episode, did you catch them all. We have compiled a list of 15 things you missed in What If Zombies, tell us in the comments how many did you catch.

Obviously, Spoilers for Episode 5 follow. Go watch it and then scroll.

Things You Missed In What If Zombies

Avengers Left Alive

As the episode progressed we lost more and more of our beloved heroes but throughout the episode, we accounted for the Avengers still left alive. Even the ones that have Turned into Zombies will still return to their hero selves when cured. The Avengers that are still in commission include Spider-Man, Hulk, Wanda aka Scarlet Witch, Hope Pym, Hawkeye, Bucky Barnes, probably Natasha too, Thor who is off World, Scott Lang, and King T’challa. These may be enough to stop Thanos.


Tony’s Watch

Tony has a lot of tech in this world, even if he has turned into a Zombie, his tech is still alive and well. This includes all the old gadgets he has used in the MCU before Infinity War. One of the returning pieces of tech is the Watch that Tony used in Civil War. The watch turned into an iron man glove and acted as a portable laser. Happy Hogan was seen wearing this watch after Tony’s demise in What If Zombies. A very fun but sad little detail.


Bleeding Edge Zombie

The Bleeding edge armor is one of the most advanced suits to ever be manufactured by Tony Stark. It is one of the most adaptable pieces of tech ever created by the hero. It adapts on the fly and does things that no other armor is capable of doing. We saw a different iteration of the armor come into play in the Zombies episode. Although this time the suit was used to turn the Black Order into zombies and then attack others, it is still great to see the iron man in action again.


Cap And Tony Made up

One of the most interesting parts of the episode was the fact that Captain America and Iron Man were united once again before Thanos came to Earth. This means that in order to fight the Zombies the two heroes must have got together and resolved their differences that were created in civil war. Pity that it took so long in the main timeline.


Vision and Wanda were on Vacation

Things You Missed In What If Zombies

Seeing as the Zombie Virus broke out when Ant-Man and The Wasp came out this means that Captain America and Tony Stark were still feuding. This also means that Wanda and Vision were probably on one of their retreats when the Zombie virus broke out. Vision has done some irrational things for Wanda but keeping her as a Zombified pet and luring people to her is probably the worst. Alas! what are you to do when a lover turns into a zombie in your hands.


Hope’s Ant Swarm

Many of you may have noticed the swarm that ate through Strange and the Black Order. It was a collection of ants that were being controlled by The wasp herself. Her storm was deadly and unavoidable and we are a little sad that we did not get to see more of it during the episode, might have been helpful during that last battle. Oh well, we can’t get everything.


All Hail the Queen

With T’challa missing and the Avengers lost to the Zombies, it is viable to assume that the Wakandan people will look towards Shuri for leadership. She is one of the most proficient people in their country and has even donned the Balck Panther suit in the comics before. This means that the princess of Wakanda would have become its Queen after T’challa went missing. She must also have been the one who directed Okoye to go find their king and bring him back to their people. Wakanda Forever!


Hawkeye came out of retirement

During the events of Infinity War, Hawkeye was on house arrest and hence spending time with his family. This meant that the Avenger was effectively retired. However, it seems that when Cap and Tony made up they called upon Hawkeye to come out of his sabbatical to save the world once again as the member of Earth’s Mightiest heroes. It is neat to see these little details such as Hawkeye stepping of the transport with the other Avengers.


Avenger’s Base is Probably destroyed

Seeing as how The Falcon has already turned Zombie and how the Avengers are lost to the horde. It is prudent to assume that the main Avenger’s compound has already been destroyed. The main guard of the compound ergo Falcon is seen pursuing his friends in an attempt to eat them. It is sad to see but even sadder when you think about what it implies.


Quantum Realm is The New Danger

The most important easter egg in the episode comes from the place of divergence. In this universe, Janet Van Dyne is affected by a neuro virus that attacks her limbic system and turns her into a zombie. This virus comes from the quantum realm which implies that the Quantum realm is far more dangerous than what we had previously thought. We wonder how things will work out in Quantumania.


The Last Guardian

Things You Missed In What If Zombies

This episode also revealed that the last guardian of our reality is not Dr. Strange. It is in fact his cape. When we encounter the cape in the episode it has damage and scratch marks that means that it has been fighting the zombies for some time. Also, it fends off Zombie Strange, Zombie Wong, and half of the Black order on its own. The Cape is clearly capable of more than we give it credit for. It is the last defender of the Sanctum Santorum.



Not a very big easter egg but it seems that the terminology in this episode of What if…?  differs from the main timeline of the MCU. While they are called Quinjet in the MCU, here they are called the Quadjets, interesting detail, to say the least.

Doctor Strange Vs Thanos

We believe that Thanos is more brutal in this reality and he killed off the Asgardians faster than before. This may also mean that he went straight for the time stone and battled the sorcerer supreme before he was turned. But when the sorcerer was infected Thanos was able to get the upper hand and get the stone from him. This may also help him in grabbing all the other stones since he now owns time.


This is the Good ending

Many may not agree but The Watcher’s last words imply that this is a good ending. Seeing as Zombie Thanos has already destroyed Wakanda even if they could transmit the cure around the globe it may not be advisable to do so. You see, once Thanos is back in his right mind there is nothing stopping him from destroying the universe. Until he is zombified and in Wakanda we are still a little safer because this way he will favor hunger over destruction.


A different Infinity War

There is also a possibility that all these shenanigans of the Zombie virus would have given Thor enough time to power up with the Stormbreaker. This would mean that Thanos with only 5 stones would not stand a chance against a powered-up Thor. If the Timing works out then it is likely that after the cure, Thor will eliminate Thanos before he can get to the mind stone. Which would mean that Thanos would lose.

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