Doctor Strange 2 Changed The MCU With The Darkhold And The Book of Vishanti

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was a never-ending ride filled with twists and scares. And viewers enjoyed every last bit of that masterpiece. The movie made the viewers dive so deep into the world of magic that they didn’t want to get out. And now that we are out and have done our homework, do you release that Doctor Strange 2 might just have changed the MCU forever by explaining about the Darkhold and the Book of Vishanti in-depth? If you don’t, follow this post to find out.

Doctor Strange 2 is one of those movies where the action started from the first scene and didn’t end until the last one. And between those action scenes, we saw how the magical books of Darkhold and Vishanti could change the future. Marvel has been teasing the amount of magic this movie will have from the first Doctor Strange movie. And this is only going to get higher in the upcoming movies. And even in those movies, the Darkhold and the Book of Vishanti will play a vital role. Even if they were destroyed!



The events of this movie became inevitable when Wanda got her hands on the Darkhold in Disney+’s WandaVision. The book was a bank of infinite knowledge about dark and chaotic magic, and how it will lead the Scarlet Witch to either rule the cosmos or destroy it. And that is what we saw in Doctor Strange 2 when Wanda set out in search of America Chavez whose powers will allow her to rule the entire multiverse. And it also led Doctor Strange to stop her from causing the infinite amount of damage that her rule will bring. For that, he sought the Darkhold’s counterpart, the mythic Book of Vishanti.


On the one hand, the Darkhold contained spells that could bring about death, destruction, and chaos. While on the other hand, the Book of Vishanti promised life, resurrection, and peace. More on that later as we first focus on the Darkhold, written by an Elder God, Chthon. Chthon was a being of chaos and he created a book of dark spells that will allow him to commute with the plane of reality through the use of his book. He possessed an eternal lust for power and the Darkhold’s user inherits this trait as well. This was the reason that Wanda was hell-bent on being united with her children, and Sinister Strange didn’t want to stop even when his universe was in ruins. It makes its user so corrupt that they fall into their deepest, darkest desires with no remorse.



Just as there is lightness for every darkness, there is a book of light for a book filled with darkness. And this book is the Book of Vishanti, written by the ancient beings, Agamotto, Oshtur, and Hoggoth. They saved the universe from the magical mayhem released from the Darkhold and assembled the spells they used in a single book. In the comics, there were multiple books of Vishantis for each Darkhold in the vast multiverse. But this doesn’t seem the case in the MCU. Because the movie mentions the existence of only one book of Vishanti that exists in the gaps of the multiverse. And that too was destroyed by the end. So there might be no future for the Book of Vishanti in the MCU as of now.



The end of the Multiverse of Madness saw both of these books burn. The Book of Vishanti burned right away when a fragment of Wanda’s dark magic touched it. This is an indication of just how pure that book is. As for the Darkhold, Wanda destroyed the Mountain Wundagore and every copy of the Darkhold in the entire multiverse. So now what? Does it mean that nobody will ever practice Dark Magic again? And does it mean that Chthon will never appear in the real plane?


Darkhold and the book of Vishanti

These types of questions trouble us because, in the comics, these books were nothing but mere conduits to channel the power of their writers. But now that Strange remains one of the few sorcerers to ever practice dark magic, maybe he is the next conduit? Since the use of the Darkhold gave him the third eye, which resembles insight, he might be Chthon’s hold on to the real plane. This is in light of the comics where the use of the Book of Vishanti established a direct connection between Strange and Agamotto.


It’s too soon to predict the future just yet. Because multiverse is a concept about which we know frighteningly little! As for now, all we know is that Strange has caused an incursion, and he might be tapping into the power of the Dark Dimension to prevent it, as we suspect after Clea’s cameo. And these incursions might not stop there because Wanda just destabilized the entire multiverse by creating a shock wave that went through each universe, destroying their versions of the Darkhold. This might be the prophecy being fulfilled. But these events have perfectly set up the Secret Wars, that’s for sure! Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is shining on theatres.


Do you also think that Multiverse of Madness has changed the MCU with the Darkhold and the Book of Vishanti? What are your views on it? let us know your answers down in the comments.

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