4 Amazing Superpowers of Lady Deadpool You Probably Don’t Know About

Created by Victor Gischler and Rob Liefeld, Lady Deadpool aka Wanda Wilson, first appeared in Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #7 in 2010. All the way from alternate reality Earth-3010, she is a female version of Wade Wilson as it sounds like. Formerly a part of Deadpool Corps, the lady mercenary was fought against loyalists in the United States. It is still not known whether he is as crazy as Wade, but she possess some great superpowers, Moreover, she has a reason to fight against the United States.

“Fascists in the federal government imposing their will on the people. A schism in Congress. Top-ranked generals taking sides. States declaring independence. Soon shots were fired in the street…” Wanda says.

Let’s see what she’s got. Check out the five awesome superpowers possessed by hot mercenary Lady Deadpool.

 1. Chemical Resistant

4 Awesome Superpowers of Lady Deadpool You Probably Don't Know About

Lady Deadpool can resist the adverse effects of toxins and lethal drugs. Generally it is impossible that she would get intoxicated, however, if subjected to a huge amount of tranquilizers and massive dosage of drugs, her immunity may cripple.

2. Superhuman Stamina

Just like Wade, she is unaffected by the earthly diseases and has strong immunity which does not allow any fatigue-causing bacteria to affect her strength and capacity. And she is completely invulnerable to all the deadly diseases. She can continuously exert pressure for several days before she fatigue attacks her.

3.  Super Healing

Lady Deadpool has a strong healing factor same that of Wolverine and she can heal at a greater speed than an average human being. She can heal severe burns, puncture wounds, bullet and wounds in few minutes, and heavy injuries in hours.

4. Super agility and reflexes

Being a mercenary, she can’t miss these two superpowers abilities that are more like superpowers. Her ability to balance her body and strong coordination is just perfect. And her spontaneous reflexes garnishes her personality.

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