Doctor Strange Reveals A MAJOR Villain For The Film

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Doctor Strange has already been declared as being different from other Marvel movies. Not only will the film introduce magic and mysticism into the world of Marvel, it will follow a different path when it comes to the film’s villains as well. Marvel films have often stuck to better-known villains but Doctor Strange will feature lesser-known character Kaecilius (played by Mads Mikkelson)for its main villain.


This has irked some longtime Doctor Strange fans the wrong way, as the superhero has a world filled with some awesome foes that the Doctor has gone head to head with. But that may have been just what MCU wanted, as a way to surprise fans with the Sorcerer’s first film. Marvel Studios hosted a special IMAX screening that featured 15 minutes of Doctor Strange that may have contained a major villain from the comics. In the clip, the Sorcerer Supreme faces what looked like Dormammu, one of Doctor Strange’s oldest foes.


In the comics, Dormammu was the fascist ruler of the Dark Dimension. He rules over his people with a strict hand but protects them, using his magic, against the beings known as the Mindless Ones. He may be considered as one of the dangerous beings in the Marvel Universe as he has battled everyone from Hulk to Thanos. But what does his small cameo entail for the movie? Director Scott Derrickson  neither confirmed nor denied the presence of Doctor Strange’s earliest villains on screen.  “I’ll never tell. All you get is what you see.” Is what Derrickson said after the special IMAX screening to reporters concerning the subject.

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Dormammu was not the only topic in the screening, as the speculation of an Infinity Stone maybe being in the film was also a huge mystery. Previous TV slots of the film’s trailers had eluded to an Infinity Stone being part of the Doctor Strange world.

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