6 Alternate Versions of Spider-Man That Will Amaze Every Spidey Fan

Spider-Man is one the complex and recognizable characters of Marvel Universe. His stories, crossovers, history with other characters are not restricted to books now and they have been featured in video games, movies, and TV shows. Comic book writers have reinvented several comic book stories with alternate timelines and identity, and Spider-Man is no different than this. Today we are counting on six most amazing alternate versions of Spider-Man.

 1) Spider-Man: India


Peter Parker is often related to his origins from New York City, but that is not the only place he is relatable to. And the story is completely different than his international mentions. Spider-Man is also Pavitr Prabhakar, the Indian boy who travels to Mumbai from his village to earn a scholarship with his Uncle Bhim and Aunt Maya. A girl named Meera Jain to become his only friend after being ostracized by the school. One day, Prabhakar meet a yogi who blesses him with spider superpowers to defeat the villain Nalin Oberoi.

2) Spider-Ham


This time Peter Parker was living in the basement of May Porker, an anthropomorphic pig, who is also an inventor. So in order to roll out a new idea in the haircare industry, Porker invents an atomic hair dryer. As she proceeds to test it, she irradiates herself and bit Parker. Parker turns into a May Porker like personality with the same spider ability and proceeded to fight against the injustice.

3) Superior Spider-Man


This storyline of Spider-Man and Otto Octavius is another is another crazy chronicle. When Octavius, who is also known as Doctor Octopus, was losing his life, a disease caused to rely more on his robotic machines. And then he transfers his consciousness into the mind of Parker and accesses the whole body of him. He later understands why Spiderman was fighting for justice. Octavius thus becomes the Superior Spiderman.

4) Zombie Spider-Man 

This web-slinger from Earth-2149 is infected by a virus which turns every super-being into man-eating zombies. After being infected by this deadly virus, Spidey rushes back to home to save his wife Mary Jane and Aunt May, but the infection takes over Spidey making him kill them and eat them. He was helpless and could not stop killing people.

5) Ultimate Spider-Man

Until now Spider-Man fans have always been treated with a story of Peter Parker entangled in his alter-ego and personal civilian life. After he was killed by Green Goblin in a fight, a 13-year teenager decides to take on the mantle of Spider-Man. This half-black-half-Latino, Myles Morales, is now one of the most prominent characters in the comic book world.

6) Scarlet Spider

Way back around silver age, supervillain, The Jackal, introduced a clone to Spider-Man, who was forced to fight with each other. But later on, they proceeded to fight with The Jackal and the clone ends up losing his life.

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