New Kraven Movie Casting Shatters This Old Chameleon Theory!

For a long time, we knew who would play the role of Chameleon in the upcoming Kraven The Hunter movie. At least, we thought we knew. The latest Kraven movie casting contradicts our old theory of Chameleon’s whereabouts in the MCU. And we know how to accept where we are wrong. Keep up with the post to find more about the new casting news.

Kraven The Hunter is one of the Spider-Verse projects planned by Sony Pictures. The movie will feature Aaron Taylor Johnson as the titular character. And contrary to what we thought, Fred Hechinger as another Spider-Man villain, Chameleon. Hechinger is best known for his work The White Lotus and Pam & Tommy. Though, this news is yet to be confirmed. The movie is currently in the production phase and will probably come out by January next year.



Kraven Movie Casting

Ever since Sony announced a Kraven the Hunter project, there was a theory going around that suggested that Kraven’s recurring accomplice Chameleon is already a part of the MCU. Chameleon, the half-brother of the Hunter, is a master in disguise. He was also the reason why Kraven went after Spider-Man. Chameleon was also the first villain in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic issues. So, even though there hasn’t been confirmation about his involvement in the movie, we know that he must be because of the degree of his influence in Kraven’s life.


When Far From Home came out, many fans, including us, theorized that the movie featured Chameleon. He was a master disguise and we all thought he was in disguise as Dimitri(Numan Acar), a member of Fury’s task force. In the comics, Chameleon’s real name was Dimitri, so it seemed like a valid theory. And if the new rumor about Chameleon’s casting is correct, boy, were we wrong! But now as we look at the past, FFH’s Dimitri had nothing in common with Chameleon. Plus, there was nothing suspicious about him that made us feel otherwise. Then again, Chameleon is an expert in disguise, so his acting skills should be on point. But it might not matter now. Remembering Joey, ‘The old theory turned out to be a Moo Point.



While some fans have raised concerns about discarding the old theory, others believe that FFH’s Dimitri was just a tease or a ruse to the popular character. And considering Jon Watt’s love for teasing and hinting, the latter seems more creditable. But there’s also a possibility. It might seem like a stretch but bear with me here. What if… The director gave him the name Dimitri to hint to fans that the Nick Fury and Agent Hill we saw in the movie were Skrulls in disguise. As I said, this seems like a stretch but some directors tend to hide upcoming plot twists in some scenes to tease fans.


Kraven Movie Casting

As for what it means for the future of the MCU, Dimitri in the MCU might never appear again. We might see him in Secret Invasion but appearing as Chameleon, is too far a stretch. All the while we might see Hechinger as the Chameleon in Sony’s Spider-Verse. He is the half-brother of the lead character and deserves to have a big re in the movie, despite what many people believe. Though, the writers might try to include him in future projects, because the information of him being his half-brother was not public in the comics from the beginning. Nevertheless, Chameleon is one of the most famous characters from SPider-Man’s Rogues Gallery, and seeing him in live-action will be like a dream come true for everybody.


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