Ra’s Al Ghul’s Daughter Is Coming Back To Star City In Arrow Season 6

In the season finale of Arrow season 5, we saw Adrian chase lead the Battling Bowman on a wild goose chase throughout Lian Yu. Prometheus tortured Green Arrow all across purgatory as the Emerald Archer was not only captured but had to witness (along with his son) the demise of all the people he brought to Lian Yu to rescue his comrades. The season 5 finale witnessed the possible death of Team Arrow and some one-time villains, and possibly the family of Oliver Queen(except his son). The season 6 premiere never shed light on the fate of these characters. However, we did receive a hint from Slade Wilson when he informed arrow that the daughter of the demon’s head is somewhere on the island. Originally it was unclear whether Deathstroke was referring to Nyssa or Talia but after the following quote, it seems that it was definitely Nyssa who survived.Nyssa is set to return to the sets of CW’s Arrow in Season 6 episode 16, just for a single episode titled “The Thanatos Guild”. Arrow‘s co-showrunners Wendy Mericle and Marc Guggenheim issued the following joint statement about the news:

In an unforgettable episode that will change Arrow forever, Katrina Law returns as the Daughter of the Demon, Nyssa Al Ghul. Nyssa comes to Star City to warn of an impending danger that will threaten everything we know and love.

The Breakdown

Now, what do we know? We know that The Thanatos Guild has no existence whatsoever in the DC comic verse. Even though there was a notorious villain named Thanatos (a dark iteration of Aquaman) in the comics, the dude never led a guild we also know that Katrina Law is set to return in season 6 episode 16 to warn team Arrow and most presumably Oliver of the impending doom waiting to strike Star City. We also know that Oliver will (obviously) try to foil whatever this Thanatos Guild is planning.

Let’s talk about the guild some more for now. The name Thanatos refers to a minor DC villain who appeared in the comics in the yesteryears. There is a villain by that name in both DC and Marvel comic verses but the fact is that the marvel iteration of the character is more close to the form that the source of the name dictates.


The name Thanatos comes from the Greek God of death. The Olympus appointed cosmic being who is responsible for overlooking doors of death. Thanatos, both in Marvel comics and Greek mythology, is the being who controls death as we know it in our universe. Or is said to monitor it anyway. The job of this God is to ensure that the cycle of death and life is untainted and souls pass on to either the fields of Elysium or the depths of Tartarus.


It seems that with the above quote referencing a complete paradigm shift in the premise of CW’s arrowverse with the air date of “The Thanatos Guild” that the show will most probably feature the more primal version of the God of death Thanatos.

The name of the episode may also just be a reference to a completely new group of evildoers who consider themselves as a harbinger of death, hence the reference to Thanatos in their name.

Regardless, one thing seems abundantly clear. There is something amiss in the arrowverse and Katrina Law is being brought back to CW’s The Arrow to warn the Emerald Archer of this oncoming storm.  However bad the situation might get in the coming episodes of the arrow, it seems that the daughter of the demon’s head will play a prominent role in either thwarting or organizing the chaos that the Arrow will face.

What do you think? Is Nyssa alright? Was she brought back from the dead by the pit of resurrection that his father uses so often? Is she alright ? Or has she finally taken the place of her father as the leader to the league of assassins while her ex-communicated and deserter sister perished on Lian Yu. Or are both of the sisters alive and we may see them in a completely new conflict involving the sisters and Green Arrow himself. Fans will patiently wait for episode 16 and see how it changes the arrowverse.

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