4 Important Things You Might Not Noticed In Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer

The first premiere of the most awaited movie by Michael Bay, Transformers: The Last Knight, dropped earlier this week taking back to the history of the franchise and the planet earth. Bay has brought an exalted digital creation with his crew buckling down to bring back the Autobots on the big screens. So, anyway, you have watched the trailer. Now, check out the five things you have missed in the trailer.

1) Unicorn’s appearance

A huge world of transformers along with Unicorn takes on the Galactus, also descending over the moon.  And it is so astonishing that we will be able to see him on big screens. He is the evil brother of Primus, who was one the creators of the transformers. Moreover, he will be coming back to earth as well. Boom !

2) Hot Rod

Well, it seems like there is someone coming out from cartoon transformers to the big real screens. Hot Rod is here ! We see him going towards London’s Buckingham Palace in his red Lamborghini. His presence in the movie was already indicated through the promotional character cards. Well, we hope he would shine in the Last Knight. But we are still wondering why Hot Rod was chosen so late now. Well, we will also see an interesting fall of Optimus Prime and with Rodimus Prime rising against him.

3) Optimus Prime floating dead in the space

last knight

So why is he dead now ? Well, if we take a look at Transformers Lore timeline, then there might be chances that Optimus Prime will be replaced by his rogue Nemesis Prime. Second, Optimus Primus could become corrupt with Unicorn. And we think the second would be the case with blue eyes and evil red eyes getting in a conflict. It might seem like Prime will be playing the villainous role in the entire film and then giving up in the end.

4) The cross bathed in blood


The cross covered in blood indicates about The King Arthur’s majestic cybertronian sword Excaliber. The sword has the potential to rip the planets apart. Now, is this why Transformers keep coming over and over again to earth? Maybe. But this could also be used to destroy Unicorn. 

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