All MCU Characters The Eternals Should Meet Next

Marvel Cinematic Universe has established a vast number of characters and a whole new way to look at the universe using Eternals. The movie featured a vast variety of heroes and also set up new characters who might have significant roles in the future of the franchise. While the movie hasn’t established any links with the existing MCU heroes, it does make us wonder how they will do that. Now that the team has headed out to find other Eternals in the universe they might need some help with that. Let’s take a look at some MCU Characters the Eternals should meet next.

The Guardians of the Galaxy

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As we are well aware, Makkari, Druig, and Thena have headed out to the space to find other Eternal units in the Universe, meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy be much of a surprise. The characters have a lot that can be explored considering there have been some major links between their narratives. Eros, Thanos’ brother was introduced in Eternals, and while Thanos is very much dead in the MCU but Nebula could be a significant figure in giving us some context towards the relationship between Thanos and Eros. Another essential detail is Peter Quill’s father Ego who was a Celestial and we could get some more details about this Celestial based on whatever the Eternals might know of him. This could all actually lead to the plot of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 considering it was revealed that Nebulae will have a significant narrative in the movie.


The Scarlet Witch

There were some rather interesting parallels between the characters of Thena and Scarlet Witch based on WandaVision and Eternals. Both the characters experience some sort of poor mental health and have magical powers but majorly because they have some similar narrative in the form of losing a romantic partner. Wanda was last seen trying to explore the heights of her powers and there is a chance she might have detected some of the energy that was utilized by the Eternals and she might have felt their presence. If Wanda does come across Thena somehow then it is fairly obvious the duo would make for the perfect team-up in battling against a range of enemies.


Agatha Harkness

Agatha has been around for a long period of time which is quite less compared to the time the Eternals have spent on Earth (7000 years!!!). It would be an interesting narrative to find that the Eternals might have come across Agatha in the past thus making for an interesting set of events. Agatha had been looking all over the world for such sorcerers and there could have been a case where she discovered about the Eternals and she knew about them.


Shuri and the Wakandans

Avengers: Endgame referenced a certain event that wasn’t explored anytime later and fans have tried to link it with Eternals. During a virtual meeting with Natasha, Okoye reveals that there have been some underwater earthquakes but she doesn’t heed the information much essence. While the chance that this was due to the Emergence has been put to rest, the chance of this being Atlantis could also link to some involvement with the Eternals. Another essential detail that could be referenced based on a theory amongst fans is that Vibranium was brought by Phastos to Wakanda.


The Young Avengers

The future MCU projects have been setting up the narrative of the Young Avengers by introducing new characters who seem to be carrying the legacy of the original Avengers. Sprite was an essential part of Eternals but the ending of the movie revealed that she was converted into a human but fans were left wondering if this meant that she won’t have her powers anymore. There is a chance that while she remains on Earth she still has her powers and considering she is around the age of the other potential members of Young Avengers. Even if she doesn’t have her powers, she can be a significant guide to the likes of Cassie Lang, America Chavez, Billy & Tommy Maximoff, and Kamala Khan, based on her 7000-year experience.

The New Avengers

Now that the Eternals have got to prove that Earth was worth sacrificing a Celestial, it’s obvious that some of them should team up with the Avengers and help with Earthly matters.

So these were all the MCU characters the Eternals should meet in the coming future.

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