Damien Darhk is unlike any villain on Arrow, he may have Superpowers

He is the most dangerous, formidable, sophisticated and ruthless adversary that Team Arrow will face in the season 4. He is arrogant, over-confident, very intelligent and calculating. He is the leader of one of world’s most notorious organization H.I.V.E, which is in the target list of CIA and FBI. He has been a villain for the superhero team Titans. He was the second-in-command to Adeline Kane, Slade Wilson’s ex-wife, and was the man behind reforming the H.I.V.E into a well-funded, cohesive and deadly terrorist organization as opposed to rag-tag bunch of uniform wearing cabal.

He was the member of League of Assassins, an Heir to the Demon and a former friend turned foe of Ra’s Al Ghul. Once upon a time, Damien Darhk and another person were horsemen to Ra’s Al Ghul, he wanted to take the mantle as he believed he is worthy, while the other one was chosen. He outmaneuvered Ra’s, took waters of Lazarus pit with himself and commands a loyal and trained “hive of followers” around the world.

He is a Master Tactician and an escape artist. He is able to steer the organization with complete anonymity and secrecy, and is still successful in implementing his diabolical plans. When Ra’s Al Ghul and Arrow tracked him in Starling city (which is now Star city) and came up for him, he had already escaped leaving his assistant behind, who was killed by Ra’s in the end of season 3. In the trailer released, it is shown that Damien Darhk stops an arrow mid-air which is possible only in two scenarios, either he is a meta-human with superhuman capabilities or he has access to an advanced technology which allows him to defend himself, one can see a ring in his left hand.

Arrow Season 4 to be aired on CW Network on 7th Oct, 2015.

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