Is Simon the Bomber?


The 8th episode ending with a big cliffhanger made us waiting for the next episode to be out.  Well, here is the review on how the 9th episode fared. Did it lose any of the viewers or did it spike the curiosity of many more?

The case study of the murderers was quite interesting, but too short. Usually the trainings undergone by the trainees at Quantico are a little more elaborate and clear.

But the case on which Simon was hung up, was not portrayed clearly. In fact the viewers had to assume what Simon meant while he discussed about the murder.

When Dr. Langdon talked about the blind spots in the bar, it immediately made us think about the blind spots in the street where Alex was kidnapped. Simon ratting out Dr.Langdon did more harm than good.

Yes, she might have altered some evidence to catch the murderer. Bu. Langdon, even though he knew that complaining about Dr Langdon would release the murderer he did it.

He should have thought many a time about the consequences of is decision.Everything Ssimon says to the mystery guy at the end is a load of bull. FBI is not as bad as he portrays it.

The love between Caleb and Shelby did fast forward at an alarming rate. Guess it was too good to last longer. It is sad that Raina still feels left out. Guess Liam’s addiction to drinks reminds Alex of her dad, that she feels obliged to help him out, in spite of Ryan’s warning.

She certainly proved that she was not the one to be held down by a guy. Just because Alex was not ready to let Ryan into her secret immediately, doesn’t mean that she didn’t trust him. Leaving her was a little too harsh. She did say that they needed to talk. Lets wait and watch when Ryan realises that he does love her.

With Alex turning herself over to the FBI every one of us would have worried whether she would be given a chance to explain herself or all that FBI wants is a confession..

With the entry of Elias, things have definitely spiced up. Finally all the batchmates are on the same side. But it was quite a shock when Natalie gave a thought that Alex might have been framed.

We all pegged that her hate for Alex would have clouded her logical thinking. Guess she can be trusted after all.  

The agent turning up dead before the bombing definitely made Caleb more sure that, Alex was not behind the bombings. Griffin Wells torturing Ryan was just too much. Are such things even legal? He practically threatened to kill Ryan if Alex didn’t confess. He didn’t even bother to verify whether she was the culprit.

Moreover he was authorised directly by the President. Yea, mass murderers should not be shown mercy, but what about the cases similar to Alex’s? What if they are framed?

Torturing to get confessions is over the line. What happened to the code, “Even a 100 criminals can escape the law, but not even a single innocent person should be punished wrongly?”

Simon getting the blueprint of railway stations of the city was the last straw. It is a big hint as to who the bomber/traitor/ mass murderer might have been.. Simon did seem slimy from the beginning.

Almost every trainee had a secret at the beginning, but atleast we know what their secret is about, except in the case of Simon.

Is Simon, the man every Single person is looking for, or is it gonna be another one of the infamous twists of Quantico??

                                                                        I’m waiting..are you?

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