Avengers 4 CineEurope Trailer Description Has Been Revealed

Avengers 4 is the most awaited movie of all time and after the way Avengers: Infinity War ended, the hype for the next one has increased even more. Infinity War did the unthinkable as it crossed the big $2 Billion mark in no time. The only movie capable of taking this movie down is none other than Avengers 4. Now there is still almost a year left for the movie to arrive so we should not expect to see any footage of the movie real soon.

Avengers 4 has been shot already and the movie is in post-production stage, but there are still some reshoots to be done. A trailer for a movie coming out in may usually hits the internet 5-6 months before the theatrical release, and only in some cases (DC Movies) we do get to see the trailer 8-10 months prior to the film. Marvel films in particular are not fond of giving out the trailers way too early. But when it comes to the big presentation events such as San Diego Comic Con, D23 Expo, Cinema Con and now CineEurope, the ones who are attending these events can expect some magical things to happen for them if Marvel does in fact book a panel at these events, because they come with a whole lot of goodies every time.

This is what happened at CineEurope, but don’t just blindly go upon what is being reported by everyone. Just yesterday, everyone reported that Marvel came out and released the first ever footage of Avengers 4 and the people all around the world were really hyped about the fact that a footage exists. Even though it may not get leaked or released online, people were anticipating a description of that particular teaser shown by Marvel for Avengers 4.

Well, the moment has in fact arrived as we do have a description for what was shown in the presentation done by Marvel, but it is not what you expected. Marvel gave away a teaser for Captain Marvel, but for Avengers 4, it was not the typical teaser or trailer or any sort of footage from the movie to begin with. Many sites have claimed that a scene of Ant-Man talking to Iron Man about various realities was shown, but those reports are truly false, and it is the folks at MCU Cosmic who have finally shared the correct details from Avengers 4.

They revealed that the footage shown in the presentation related to Avengers 4 did not actually include anything from the movie itself, instead, it was just Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios who was featured in the video sitting in a chair and talking to the advertisers at the event. Feige apologized to the fans and the advertisers for having fewer heroes to advertise this time around, and revealed other details about the movie explaining that the rest of the Marvel characters would need to band together in order to save the universe from Thanos.  

Well, what a bummer! So many fans were hyped to get to know what was shown in the presentation, but I guess we will have to wait till November or December for a real trailer of Avengers 4 to come out. Well, Marvel fans did not go empty handed as they did get to see some real footage of that particular movie. For the description of the trailer shown for Captain Marvel, check the link below.

The First Captain Marvel Trailer Description Revealed

The upcoming Avengers 4 is going to mark the culmination of the MCU till now, as it will be the 22nd movie in the MCU literally integrating the stories of all the previous MCU movies. It is going to be a massive Time Travel event and many of the scenes from the previous movies would come into play in this movie. It will continue after the horrific ending we saw in Infinity War when Thanos snapped his fingers in order to bring balance to the Universe. The Avengers who were left alive will be joined by a few more Superheroes and together they will make their final stand against the Mad Titan.

Marvel superheroes

Avengers 4 will come out on May 3 and here is the official Synopsis:

“A culmination of 22 interconnected films the fourth installment of the Avengers saga will draw audiences to witness the turning point of this epic journey. Our beloved heroes will truly understand how fragile this reality is and the sacrifices that must be made to uphold it.”

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