Doctor Strange 2 Deleted Scene Featuring 616 Mordo And Wanda Fight

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness came out a couple of weeks ago and is still going strong. The movie featured Doctor Strange accompanying America Chavez in their multiversal adventure. It was a classic Sam Raimi movie, starting right with a cold open filled with action. But did you know the original cold open was a little different than we saw in the theatres? A new Doctor Strange 2 deleted scene featured Earth 616’s Mordo trying to kill Wanda. How do you think it would have ended?


‘Multiverse of Madness’ featured Wanda going full Scarlet Witch mode and wreaking havoc over the multiverse. Straight after the events of WandaVision, all she wanted was to reunite with her kids, even if it meant killing anyone who tries to stop her. She had been corrupted by the Book of the Damned and was ready to fulfill her destiny of destroying the cosmos. After all this, nobody could stand before her for more than a minute. She went through the entire Kamar-Taj to catch America Chavez in a matter of minutes. Even Earth-838’s Superhero Society, Illuminati, couldn’t stand before her for more than 5 minutes.


An important thing to note here is everyone she killed was only trying to stop her, help her, or trying to save America. [Except for, of course, The Illuminati(except Black Bolt) who were trying to avenge Black Bolt’s death.] Now imagine if someone came to her with a motive to kill her. What would she have done then? This is what Sam Raimi had planned for us until he decided to go with the Defender Strange scene.



Recently, a resourceful Youtuber, Heavy Spoilers(Paul Tweddle) revealed the original Sam Raimi idea. He wanted to start the movie with a reference to the last Doctor Strange movie’s post-credits scene. Raimi wanted to feature Mordo in his attempt to strike off Wanda from his list of ‘too many magic people’. He explained it all in the breakdown of the scene that could have been. In his words,

“Now that the film is out though, I can say I know for definite that there was a scene with Mordo in it in which he went to visit Wanda at the start of the movie. If you cast your mind back to the end of Doctor Strange, then you’ll remember that the post-credits scene had him going on a quest to kill the Wizarding World worse than Fantastic Beasts did. In Multiverse of Madness, Strange even mentions how Mordo has been trying to kill him when he meets the Illuminati version. But, this is something that we’ve never seen and it’s definitely not something that he would really know about as Mordo never really said anything along those lines at their last meeting.”


He continued

“Now Mordo was going to be the main villain that showed up in the introduction to the movie and he’d be used to demonstrate Wanda’s new ruthless attitude. He would go to attack her and she’d turn him into mom’s spaghetti, beheading him within seconds of his arrival. It was going to be a big way to start the film and it instantly cemented Wanda as the villain.”


Evidently, this was Raimi’s way of kicking off the movie by showing what it held for us by teasing the villain in her full force in the first scene of the movie. And by just the sound of it, it feels like it could have been the most brutal opening of a superhero movie of all time. For the theatre viewers, Wanda went Scarlet Witch mode when she fought off the Masters at Kamar-Taj and then went through the Illuminati. But this scene could’ve foreshadowed her ruthlessness way before that.


As awesome and gory as it would have been, we are glad that the movie didn’t start out this way. It was good to see Wanda becoming more and more violent as the movie went forward. And if they had started with her as an established villain, the movie would not have turned out the way it did. Plus, it leaves a built of mystery in the air as fast as Mordo’s character goes. And there have been some rumors that indicate that Chiwetel Ejiofor will be returning in a much bigger role in the next movie. And that couldn’t have been possible if he had been killed in a matter of seconds. That too in a cold open, no less.


What did you think about this Doctor Strange 2 deleted scene? Should Marvel have included it in the final cut? Do let us know in the comments box below.

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