Loki’s Finale May Have Explained Why Iron Man Keeps Dying In What If

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded up to unprecedented levels. We have some of the most iconic franchises reaching their culmination at the hands of Marvel. Fans expected things to be slowed down after the infinity saga but they have only ramped up. With the introduction of the multiverse, we have reached a point in the MCU where anything is possible. All of the credit for kicking off the Multiverse goes to Loki. That show set the tone for everything that is going on in What if…? In fact, Loki‘s finale may have explained why Iron Man keeps dying in What If…?.

The Reddit user u/Ed_Derick_ posted this theory in R/Fantheories

“I’ve noticed Tony Stark has died in every single episode he’s present. Got murdered in episode 3, died along everyone in the universe in episode 4, turned into a zombie in 5, and was murdered by Killmonger in 6. Why this is bad? Because He Who Remains (Kang) depends on Tony staying alive and creating the Time Travel tech, so that he can create the TVA, the timepads, and keep track of the sacred timeline. Since it seems Tony is dying in most of these new branches, that means the possibility of the TVA being recreated is getting smaller and smaller, allowing more evil Kangs to be born.”


Why Iron Man Keeps Dying

The idea is certainly interesting and it also explains why the Avengers’ actions in Endgame are such an important part of the sacred timeline. Without the time travel tech, He Who Remains has no chance of discovering the branching timelines. In such a situation he won’t be able to dispatch soldiers to places where they are needed to stop the multiverse from breaking free.


Why Iron Man Keeps Dying

Since Sylvie already did that by killing Kang after the Threshold, we believe that every event that we are seeing unfold will lead up to the threshold. The Redditor expanded on his theory by saying:

“Now, we know the TVA is completely off the rails , otherwise we wouldn’t have the What If Series, the ending of Loki implies a new Kang has taken over, and this time he’s a evil Kang and he just wants to let the sacred timeline branch. “So he just wants us to let them all branch?! ” <— they say that in the ending of episode 6. To put it simply, the more Tony dies across the multiverse, the harder it will be for a “Pure” Kang variant to appear.”


Why Iron Man Keeps Dying

It seems that without Tony being present in the timeline the time travel is never figured out and it gives an opportunity opfir a Kang to thrive in the timeline. Moreover, after the destruction of the TVA in the sacred timeline there is no one left to stop the timelines from diverting. There is no one left to prune the timelines in a way to ensure the birth of He Who Remains and hence the TVA is never created. The death of earth’s mightiest Avenger also leads to the creation of mulitverse’s most sinister villain.


Loki Finale and What Is

Sylvie’s actions in the Loki finale gave us one of the greatest shows in Marvel History. Freeing the timeline caused it to branch, leading to incidents in What If…? But what if both incidents are actually intertwined in a time loop. We suggest that He Who Remains keeps dying, again and again. Every time he encounters Loki and Sylvie, he does and another version of him who knows of this death and of all those that preceded it. This means that He Who remains is gathering knowledge with each death.


Each death leads to a multiverse war and brings a version of him right back to the Citadel at the end of time. I know it sounds quite absurd but it is what seems to be happening in the Marvel Multiverse as of now. We continue to analyse the content that we get. We believe that the Redditor may be correct in his assessment. The sacred timeline is created by He Who Remains but for it to exist and not to be completely destroyed by the multiversal war, the pre-requisite is the existence of He Who Remains.


So the life of Tony Stark is directly tied to the existence of the world. What do you think about this theory? Do you think it is plausible or does it sound completely absurd. Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC and Hollywood.

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