The Multiverse Line Up Of What If Revealed Through Mid Season Trailer

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a very large place, and it got significantly larger ever since Loki and Sylvie freed the timeline. The Multiversal war is coming and the new shows of Marvel seemed to be quite focused on this aspect of the universe. Up until now, Kang had kept everything in check with the help of the TVA but now that He Who Remains is dead we are about to witness a conjunction unlike any other. Take the new What If…? Series for example. We have got some of the most interesting stories in the MCU from the show, including some of the most tragic ones. Now, with the mid-season sneak peek by Marvel we also have the Multiverse Line up of What If…? What do we mean by that? Read on to find out.

The above sneak peek premiered on the YouTube Channel of Marvel Entertainment and it has the fans blown away.  It only do we have confirmation of the Multiversal characters teaming up, we also have the predicted line-up for the end of the season of What If…? Fans have speculated for a long time that all the universes showcased in the What If…? Series will collide at the end of the season and ultimately coalesce into a large scale war. At this juncture, it will become imperative for the heroes of the multiverse whom we have met throughout the series to band together. We are not yet sure who will be the villain of the final arc of the series but we can venture a guess.


The Advent Of Kang

We predict that everything in the What If…? Series is moving towards the inevitable confrontation with Kang. With every Universe, we encounter a new tragedy that is compounded one over the other. This means that The Heroes that are born through these universes have seen more loss than the ones in the sacred timeline. Kang knows what is going on in the multiverse, after all, there are an infinite number of his variants collaborating together in a way that we can’t even guess.


The Heroes born through these tragedies are much more powerful than the Villain can ever anticipate. Hence, it won’t be long before he moves against them. He will seek to eliminate the branching timelines and their heroes before he can eradicate the protectors of the sacred timeline. This is very important for Kang’s victory. He cannot hope to take over the multiverse if all the multiverse heroes are still alive by the time he reaches the sacred timeline.


Multiverse Line Up Of What If

Let’s review the team that we got from the trailer and all the Avengers we think will be a part of it. Starting from the top, the obvious ones are Captain Carter from Episode 1, then Strange Supreme, and T’Challa Star-Lord. These are the ones we have seen before in the episodes and the ones that are seen in the trailer in the Avenger-Esque shot from What If..? Apart from these obvious ones, we expect to see the twin blade-wielding Gamora to be a part of the team.


Multiverse Line Up Of What If

Moreover, it is obvious that Killmonger’s Black Panther will also be in this lineup, along with Black Widow and Party Thor, and Zombie Hunter Spider-Man. The last member of the team is probably the most interesting as we consider The Watcher to be a part of this multiverse saving team. This means that the multiverse Avengers will focus more on saving the integrity of the timelines and the universes than fight any particular villain.

Kang will most likely try to overpower the heroes by rallying together his multiverse selves but we expect him to be beaten back quite easily. Part of the reason for this belief is that the Watcher will be on the team along with Strange Supreme. These two beings are so powerful that not many creatures can stand against their combined might. Not even a ragtag group of Multiverse Kangs.

Multiverse Line Up Of What If

What do you think about this theory and the Mulitverse lineup of What If? Does it make sense to you that all these heroes will combine their powers to battle a multiverse-ending threat? Or does it seem more likely that none of this will come to pass and Marvel is probably messing with us? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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