Avengers: Infinity War Writers Reveal How Doctor Doom Will Come To MCU

Avengers: Infinity War began the culmination of the MCU as we know it. After 18 big movies in the MCU, we arrived at the biggest crossover event that has ever taken place in the MCU and it is easy to say that this movie blew everyone away like little grenades. People came into the movie with so many questions, and while some of them got answered, they actually left the theatres with more questions than they had before. It was stunning and the big snap towards the end was as shocking as a movie could get.

The MCU recently brought its greatest villain to the screen who made his presence felt in the best way possible. Thanos proved why he has been called the biggest Marvel villain as he was the first one to actually win going against the Avengers. He was successful in bringing balance to the Universe. The finger snap caused a major impact throughout the Universe as we saw half of the living population perish right in front of our eyes.

Phase 3 will end whatever Marvel has built up to in these last 10 years. It will also mark a new beginning for Marvel to move forward and the big heroes of the first three Phases will pass the Baton to new heroes who will lead the next Phase of MCU. Marvel ran 3 phases to build up Thanos, and after he is gone, they will need some other menace to threaten the living Universe itself.

Doctor Doom

With the upcoming Disney-Fox merger, Marvel will open themselves up to some of the greatest characters which they did not have the rights to use earlier. The Villains, in particular, could mark a great entry into the MCU. Marvel has done justice to each and every character they have used until now. Some were exactly like their comic book counterparts while some had some alterations done to them so they work well on the big screen.

Doctor Doom

With the Fox characters, MCU could bring two big villains and set them up as the Big Bads for the coming Phases. Galactus and Doctor Doom would be handled really well in the MCU. Fox had tried each of these characters and they completely ruined them. Doctor Doom had been completely obliterated in the way he was used.

Avengers: Infinity War Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom

The MCU will not only do justice to the villain, but they are actually looking forward to using him in this larger universe. He is one of the greatest villains in the Marvel comics and he could pull off what Thanos has been able to. He deserves a great spot in the limelight, and Marvel writers could give it to him. Avengers: Infinity War writers, Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus were asked recently at their podcast with Kevin Smith, whether they would be interested in Doctor Doom and could he be done right, and the replies of the two were extremely positive.

Doctor Doom

They said:

“Markus – Yes.

McFeely – Of course.

Markus – One: I would do the thing that they never do which is to stick to the comic book and make him the king of his own country and have a big metal helmet on. He looks like Darth Vader. It works in Star Wars, just do it again. They’re like, ‘He’s an American scientist who is jealous of their relationship.’ No! He’s a nut-bag with a metal mask!

McFeely – I can completely understand the impulse. It’s like, you have to make it relatable. You have to relate it to these characters. You want them all to have a past together. I get it but it doesn’t work because he has to wind up in a ridiculous place unless you’re just gonna put him in a leather jacket and call him “Vic.” You’ve gotta go put on a cape. Either you’re gonna leave yourself the task of getting all the way over to a guy in a cape or just make him a guy in a cape!”

Avengers: Infinity War
Avengers: Infinity War

Well, after watching all the movies that these two writers have written, we can easily trust their judgement. Doctor Doom could do extremely well against the heroes of the MCU. Let’s see how Marvel handles him if the Disney Fox merger successfully goes through.

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