8 Worst Parents In The MCU Ranked From Bad To Worse

Parents play an essential figure in each and every superhero character. Often the parents end up showing what kind of superhero person these characters might end up having. Often the villains might also be responsible for the villains of these superhero stories. Similarly, certain superheroes try really hard to prove themselves as good parent figures when trying to survive in their personal world. One of the best parent figures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to be Hawkeye as he gives time to his family and actually ends up retiring from the Avengers. This is not the case with every parent in the MCU. Let’s take a look at some of the worst parents in the MCU ranked in increasing order of poor parenting.

8. Scott Lang

Scott Lang is actually a good father since one of his concerns is his daughter, Cassie. He always looks out for her every time there’s some massive event. Yellowjacket even uses her as one of Scott’s weaknesses in Ant-Man. The only problem he seems to have in his parenting is he ends up prioritizing his beliefs over his family. Almost everything he does ends up putting him in circumstances where his daughter is distanced from him.


7. Howard Stark

Howard Stark’s relationship with his son is often one of the major parts of the MCU movies. He was one of the primary characters in the creation of Captain America. His name is attached to some of the major projects based around the development of weapons. While all these are professional achievements his personal life suffers a lot. His son ends up having a lot of trauma-based on his distanced relation with his father.


6. Hank Pym

Worst Parents In The MCU

Hank Pym and his daughter have a very strong love and hate relationship. Hank got all into looking for his wife since losing her in the Quantum Realm and hardly had a chance to care for his daughter. He sent her away to a hostel and they hardly ever had the opportunity to connect with each other properly. The relationship gets to such levels that Hope ends up kicking him out of his own company later.


5. Yondu

Yondu and Peter Quill have a very complicated relationship. We hardly get to explore since Peter Quill experiences it very momentarily and realizes upon it only during the events of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Yondu even takes upon the decision of killing Peter when the latter betrays him. Quill’s real father’s perspective makes him understand the kind of parent Yondu was to him.


4. Odin

Odin’s relation with his children is not the best example of parents. He was one of the first father figures to make an appearance in the MCU but it seems he was not amongst the best one of those. Odin is responsible for the constant lash outs between his sons. He is also responsible for the events of Thor: Ragnarok as he doesn’t share the existence of Hela with his sons until the very last moments of his own life.


3. Wenwu

Worst Parents In The MCU

Wenwu is a much worse parent than Hank Pym as he worsened the childhoods of his children after losing his wife. He makes them go through harsh and horrible lives in order to prove his own ruthlessness. His obsession to find his wife blinds him to the remaining members of his family. He only partly redeems himself when he hands over his Ten Rings to his son.


2. Thanos

Thanos is not the best example of what a parent is defined as. He adopts two girls and uses them as weapons according to his requirement. In one of the most brutal scenes in MCU, he even tortures Nebula in order to get the truth out of Gamora. He sacrifices Gamora to acquire the soul stone.

1. Ego

Ego the Living Planet is a Celestial and while he acts all nice and fatherly his true goals are absolutely horribly. He doesn’t care about his son. His primary goal was to terraform every other world. This would lead to obliterating all forms of life except himself. Upon realizing this Peter has to take action in his own hands and defeat his father.

So do you agree with our rankings for the Worst Parents in the MCU? How would you rank them? Let us know.

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