Dark Phoenix Star Alexandra Shipp Would Dip in Silver Again For The MCU

We all are familiar with the character of Storm from X-Men and we all felt blessed when we heard Alexandra Shipp was roped in to play the part in X-Men: Apocalypse. She was looking really comfortable in that movie and also went on to make a cameo in Deadpool 2, and will be next seen in the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Now, as we all know that the characters of X-Men are into the hands of Disney along with others, Alexandra Shipp has confirmed that she will dip in silver without any hesitation for Marvel as well.

Dark Phoenix Alexandra Shipp MCU

WonderCon happened at Anaheim this weekend and there were a lot of stars from X-Men: Dark Phoenix to promote and market their upcoming film. Among them was Alexandra Shipp and in a conversation with, she was asked whether she’ll have silver hair again for the MCU or not? She replied,

“Oh, yeah. I was trying to dye my actual hair silver, and they were like, ‘Alex, no. Stop.’ And I was like, ‘Cut my face!’ I was ready for her. They didn’t want to do it, it’s fine,”

Dark Phoenix Alexandra Shipp MCU

We don’t know at this point of time, whether Marvel will be willing to call Fox stars or not but it’s nice to hear that Alexandra is really excited to be a part of the MCU if that happens. Also, the commitment she has shown about her hair is also top notch. Even, people at Marvel will be watching her performance in the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix and will be examining the potential of this amazing actress.

Dark Phoenix Alexandra Shipp MCU

Alexandra Shipp went on to talk about Dark Phoenix and the reason why she thinks that this film is way grittier than Apocalypse. Here’s what she said:

“I love the fashion of it, I love the colors,” Alexandra revealed. “When we first started Apocalypse, it was like walking into a comic book. You felt like you were walking into a comic book, and what I love about Dark Phoenix is that it is way more gritty. And, I think it affects you in a way more visceral way because it’s not a comic vibe. Also, It’s very real, it’s very raw, and it was scary at times. It’s scary to think that someone you love is losing their mind.”

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will release on June 7 this year.

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