Ant-Man And The Wasp Official Trailer Is Out, Here’s The Breakdown

Marvel Studios has finally released the first trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp. As one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, it has fans riled up for all the right answers. While the first movie had a right balance of humor, action, and drama, can the sequel live up to the Studios’ name? Let’s dig in and find out all the hidden details. Time for a Trailer Dissection!!!

20. The Ant Music

The trailer score is credited to Ants Invasion by Adam and the Ants. The movie is using a heightened form of Ant Play in the music area. The song fits the tone and the action scenes like a glove. Thor: Ragnarok used the Immigrant Song to full effect in the movie. We hope this one does too.

19. An Alternate Reality Air Port Battle

In the trailer, Scott Lang asks Hope if she would have come for him if he had asked for help. The scenes move back and forth between the Civil War Airport battle when Scott turned into Giant Man for the first time and the present time. It could be an effective Easter egg considering the time travel element of Avengers 4 and the fact that the conversation pretty much sounded like they were talking about something that ‘could have happened’.

18. Scott is under House Arrest after Civil War

After the events of Civil War, Ant-man (who sided with the rebel faction of Captain America) is under house arrest for going against the law. How will this affect his relationship with Hope and his own daughter??

17. The FBI is hunting Hank Pym and his daughter

With Lang in the Raft, the Pyms are the next target to be taken down. The Sokovia Records mean a lot of superhumans will stay under watch. The Pyms possess the size-changing technology. They either use it to escape when they are surrounded or they give in or help the FBI (Hank Pym is seen wearing an FBI jacket).

16. A Portable Office Building

Hank Pym, in the comics, is quirky and genius. He has used his size shrinking technology for a variety of effects. In the first movie, he carries around a tank in his keychain. In the sequel, his suitcase is an entire multi-storey building which he shrinks to a portable size.

15. Hank has a craft to explore the Quantum Zone

The Quantum Zone is the subatomic universe that one encounters when you start shrinking indefinitely. Hank Pym lost his wife to the Quantum Zone but Hank Pym has somehow survived it. Hank is hopeful that his wife Janet Van Dyne is also still out there.

14. Enter the Ghost

Ghost is one of the most underrated villains of Marvel Comics. As her primary powers are turning intangible and invisible, she is a member of the Thunderbolts – Marvel’s version of Suicide Squad. In the trailer, Ghost’s powers are derived from the Quantum Zone, making her body stay ‘out of phase’ with reality. Smart!!

13. Laurence Fishburne is Bill Foster

In the comics, Bill Foster is called the Black Goliath, a superhero who used Size changing technology similar to Hank Pym’s to become a superhero. The movie will probably portray Foster and Pym as former colleagues. Is Foster researching the Quantum Realm? Is Ghost his creation?

12. The Ants are back!!

Fans of Anthony Rejoice!!! Ant-Man is back to using his army of ants in the sequel. He may not have been shown much using his insect manipulation powers in the trailer, but rest assured ant action will be one of the highlights.

11. A San Francisco Street Chase

The streets of San Francisco are gonna run red with BLOOD!!! Kidding… With Marvel, you can never expect too much realism, only a bit of light-hearted humor. The van that Scott and Hank’s drive is chased around the streets of San Francisco by a bunch of armed bikers. Ghost is also seen holding one of the handlebars.

10. The Shrinking Van

The Van that Hank drives around the streets of San Francisco when being chased around by gunmen is also fitted with size-changing technology. At first glance, Ant Man’s powers do not seem so formidable but when used right (like the way the van flipped another vehicle), it does make for powerful abilities.

9. (Gi)ant man returns

In Civil War, we saw Ant-Man turn into a giant and wreck all sorts of Havoc on Team Iron Man. The technology has found its way to the sequel. Ant-Man is seen falling into a river and to escape being drowned, he turns into a Giant.

8. Ghost in Focus

Marvel has gender-swapped the villain in the movie. The female Ghost is still mostly out of focus in the trailer. Let us hope the movie does this character justice. The suit, though, looks extremely comic book accurate.

7. The Mysterious Vehicle

We hope it is Luis driving this bad boy. Just a few scene before this car appears in the trailer, Luis can be seen running near it. Considering the Vehicle is seen several times in the trailer, somebody important to the storyline must be driving it.

6. Luis is back amigos!

Michael Pena’s Luis was one of the Highlights of Ant-Man. So why would he be out of the sequel? Luis is back to crack you up. But given the amount of criticism Marvel faced last year for ‘too much humor’, maybe they strike a balance this time.

5. Into the Quantum Realm

The Quantum Realm is the subatomic space that has absolutely no sense of time and space. Hank drives a custom built ship as he explores the Quantum Realm. Tardigrades (one of the most resilient micro-sized organism in existence) are seen in the shot. With Captain Marvel about to visit the Quantum Realm, whole new possibilities are about to open up, says Evangeline Lily.

4. Daughterly Advice

Scott’s daughter gives him some much-needed advice on what can only be described as one of the cutest scenes of the trailer. She says he needs a ‘partner.’ This is where the Wasp comes in. She could help watch Ant Man’s back.

3. Wasp in Action

The real highlight of the trailer is the incredible Wasp action sequence. Hope was already a good close quarter combatant. Now she has fused that with her Wasp suit’s size shrinking ability to create a unique but formidable fighting style.

2. Wings and Blasters

This scene is actually quite hilarious. Wasp has wings and Blaster. Scott is impressed and says he understands why Hank didn’t add those to Lang’s suit – maybe they weren’t available at that time. To which Hank replies, ‘No, I did.’ This is necessary considering Wasp and Ant-Man have vastly different skill sets and need different sets of equipment.

 1. The Giant Pez Dispenser


In the post title scene, Evangeline Lily throws a Hello Kitty Pez Dispenser at one of the bad guys on a bike and shoots at it to enlarge it to a giant size. The Pez Dispenser startles the biker and he falls down. This is a cool and interesting power that adds to the list of Ant Man’s already formidable abilities.

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