Top 5 Marvel Superheroes Who Can Beat Deadpool

Deadpool has long been one of the coolest superheroes for his comical sense of humor. The character breaks all the rule and makes the readers think what is he going to do next. He is tough and quite reflexive to avoid any attack and is almost impossible to kill with his healing powers. Despite his strengths and powers, he can be beaten irrespective of the fact whether he will die or not. It seems like he has a close friendship with death. Without any further ado, we bring you five superheroes who could beat Deadpool.

1. Black Panther


Black Panther is one of the new members in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Being the ruler of Wakanda, he has connections with panther god, with some of the mystical superpowers. As a master of multiple forms of martial arts, Black Panther can easily dispatch. However, it could be close.

2. Hulk


Hulk’s signature technique of smash has beaten several heroes, including The Hercules. In the Deadpool #39, it has been proven that he can’t resist Hulk’s power smash. It has been showing that Hulk smashes him all the way through.


3. Wolverine

wolverine deadpool

Wolverine is one of the highest debated whether he would beat any other superhero. Comics have not given any firm answer about it. Deadpool has beaten Wolverine several times and Wolverine as returned the favor. With his skeleton made of Adamantium, Wolverine can kill Deadpool, whose powers are slightly lower than him.

4. Thor


Well, Deadpool is mutant, but still, he is a human, while Thor is a superego of powers who can destroy a planet with his hammer. In Deadpool Annual #1, Thor accidentally roasts him with his high-lightening bolt. If Thor can roast him accidentally, think about his intentional move.


5. The-One-Above-All



The-One-Above-All has made several appearances in the comics to encourage the character to come out in need. the superhero has appeared in Spider-Man after uncle Ben’s death. The way the character was written, he has powers equivalent to god and there is no way Deadpool can resist his powerful thump.

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