All DC Multiverse Stories that Should Be Made Into Movies (Vol. 1)

Warner Bros seems to be hell-bent on exploring the multiverse with their DCEU properties, they want to be able to weave a new narrative. Wanting to move on from past failures and less-than-perfect decisions, the studio has chosen to soft reset the film universe. The uncertain actors and retconned storylines also have potential so the executives are trying to run parallel universes, deciding to intertwine them as they go. If I did not know better I would say that they are shooting in the dark, but DC has shown exceptional success with this kind of storytelling, even with their TV shows. We still have some recommendations for the DC Multiverse stories that should be movies.

5 Epic DC Multiverse Stories

Emperor Joker

This is an alternate reality story that is connected to the multiversal plane. In superman’s rogue gallery there is a 5th-dimensional being by the name of Mr. Mxyzptlk, he is unconcerned with mortal matters. His exploits against superman are mere attempts at trying to make things funnier for him. During one of his schemes, he decided to team up with the Joker, Yes, that Joker.

DC Multiverse stories

The clown prince of crime tricked the imp into giving him his powers. Joker then reshaped reality in his image. It was a madhouse where Superman was locked up and Batman was killed every night in more and more horrific ways. The entire comic is quite dark but a very interesting read. It would fit right in with the tone that Zack Snyder likes to use in his movies.

Dark Knights

Every time something sinister happens in the multiverse it seems like it is always Batman villains stirring up shit. Only in this case, the Batman villains were nightmare versions of the Caped Crusader himself. We had strange demon Batmen conquering the multiverse and enslaving all variants of the Justice League. They wanted complete control. The mound first appeared in Gotham and before you knew it the entire world turned into a nightmare.

Batman did come back to defeat the nightmare versions but not without help from the Justice League. To defeat “The Batman who Laughs” our Bruce Wayne teamed up with the Joker in an attempt to do something completely unpredictable. It worked and the heroes eventually came out of the crisis. This would have to adapt in several movies but if DC does it properly, it has the potential to be wonderful.


The Multiversity was a limited-time publication in two parts. it was focused on an entirely new threat in the DC universe, The Gentry. The Gentry are not from the multiverse, they were from beyond it. They are the manifestations of extreme ideas and personifications of negative emotions. There are 5 of them, each with its unique tropes. Intellectron is the Genius blessed with immortality, Dame Merciless is an extreme version of a Femme Fatale, they even have a mindless horde by the name of Demogorgunn, then there is Hellmachine and Lord Broken. HellMachine is untamed and uncontrollable technology while Lord Broken is death and destruction incarnate. The entire thing was managed by a multiversal team of heroes who went by the name “Justice Incarnate”. Quite a nice-sounding name for a movie, if you ask me.

Final Crisis

DC Multiverse stories

Final Crisis is the story of the conflict inspired by Darkseid and the New Gods. When Darkseid is defeated in the future his spirit is sent backward through time, this leads to a very strange situation. One where the evil gods of  Apokolips manifest themselves into the body of men trying to aid Darkseid’s conquest. The story is quite elaborate but an important person to know from the conflict is The Monitor. An agent of chaos who has been exiled from his creed to live as a human. The story itself is quite surreal and supernatural. A lot of universes get involved in the chaos, it is definitely a fun read, a proper disaster would be fun to inculcate in the DCEU.

Infinite Crisis

This was a comic book arc that was preceded by Crisis on Infinite Earth and covers some of its parts. But the things to know are that there are multiple versions of superheroes they are from multiple realities. Also, the Justice League Watchtower is destroyed by Superboy-Prime. There are a lot of subplots but the main villain of the arc is probably Superboy-Prime. He destroys multiple speedsters and dawns the legendary Anti-Monitor armor. He is a crazed psycho with Superman powers, a terrifying villain just crazy enough for the movies.

Watch out for Volume 2 of all DC Multiverse stories. There are many more stories we still have to discuss. Click here to check that one out.

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